Several years ago when my practice mainly consisted of career coaching, I offered a program called CareerFIT™ to support people who were out of work. It was 2009 with record unemployment rates and a tough job market, and I had information that could help job seekers bounce back and quickly transition to a rewarding new job or career. Not only did I offer support to those who were unemployed, I also helped those wanting to make a career change, because I knew too many people were going to work every day to a job they hated. I had a lot of enthusiasm about this program and the opportunity to make a difference for others.

Today I’ve grown and evolved as a coach, yet I still continue to help my member of One Degree Shift discover their unique gifts and greater purpose so that they are able to contribute to rewarding and meaningful work. Only now, I’m serving difference makers instead of job seekers. Both then and now, my work is to empower people to find their voice.

Discover Your Path to Greatness

In an article, Stephen R. Covey, author of popular book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, explains that finding your voice is the pathway to greatness and the power to discover your voice lies in the gifts, talents, and capacities given to you at birth. I agree with his definition,  and it turns out Covey and I also have a similar approach in leading others to uncover theirs.

You begin with an exploration to unearth your unique combination of skills, gifts, talents, abilities, interests – things you feel naturally drawn to. After that, you start to pursue those interests that bring you genuine fulfillment.

In One Degree Shift, I ask members four simple questions. This is the path to discovering your greatness.

  • Step 1 – What are you good at?
    In other words, what have you done or what can you do? That’s your potential. When you work in your potential, you will experience greater productivity, confidence, and courage to make needed changes.
  • Step 2 – What is important to you?
    On a deeper level, why do you exist? That’s your purpose. It is who you are becoming and what you were born to do. Without purpose, we can get distracted by days filled with empty activity, bouncing from one thing to another, or feel victimized by the pressing demands of others. Covey shares several spirit-leading questions to uncover your purpose: “What is life asking of you? What gives your life meaning? What do you feel like you should be doing? What is your conscience directing you to do?” I encourage you to answer all of these questions.
  • Step 3 – What interests you?
    That is, what do you enjoy or love doing? That’s your passion. Working in your passion energizes you. Without passion, you will likely be bored, lacking the enthusiasm that lights your path.

Look at where your answers to these three questions overlap and you will find your “best-fit” career — the work you are uniquely and wonderfully designed to do. Your answers will validate what you have to offer, clarify the core values that drive your decisions and actions, and give you the motivation to go after your goals and dreams.

Do Your BEST Work and Live in Harmony With Life

Personal Development CoachI didn’t completely understand this in 2009, but today it is not surprising why I am so inspired by the type of coaching I do, because I am perfectly aligned for it. It is my best work!

These days, I include a new question to the mix to help One Degree Shift members have a bigger impact in the world around them and discover the change that is theirs alone to make.

  • Step 4 – What is the difference you are meant to make?
    Meaning, how can you use your potentialpurpose, and passion to leave your mark in the world? How are you called to make a difference for those around you? Let’s call this your philanthropy. In his article, Covey asked the question this way: “What need can you serve?”

Your voice is the overlapping of what Covey calls four intelligences: IQ (potential), EQ (passion), SQ for the spirit (purpose), and PQ for the body (philanthropy). Covey explains that we are internally motivated by our needs to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy. When these overlap, he says, “you have voice – your calling, your soul’s code.”

I’ve found my voice, and now I enjoy inspiring others to find theirs too – teaching, coaching, mentoring my One Degree Shift community and private clients to their highest potential and guiding them to share their gifts in service to others.

Now it’s your turn! Answer the four questions for yourself and you will find your voice and the work best fit for you.

Have you found your purpose or true calling? What work brings you enthusiasm and joy? Leave a comment and share with us how you discovered it. 

One Degree Shift gives you the power to express your voice by helping you discover your true self and to align with the melody of your heart by loosening the restraint that holds back your authentic expression so you can live a harmonious life while making a significant difference in the world around you. Join us!