In his TEDx talk Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, Simon Sinek contends, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it.”

Earlier this month I attended the Wealthy Visionary Conference in Los Angeles and had the amazing opportunity to learn from Ridgely Goldsborough, co-founder of the WHY Formula. He coaches professionals worldwide to attract ideal clients based on their WHY.

He shared nine common WHY’s that drive people to do what they do. Ridgely’s formula is to start with your why – first tell people what you believe so you can connect with those that believe what you believe. Next, tell them how you bring that belief to life. Finally, tell them what you do, what you offer, or what you have. This is how you attract, engage, and connect with amazing clients and customers. It’s the way we unite with others so we can make the difference we are called to make.

“The happiest and most successful entrepreneurs are in business for a reason larger than themselves,” says Marla Tabaka, a small business advisor who works with entrepreneurs around the globe. In her article, What Is Your Why, she goes on to explain that, “the reason is because they are driven, not by fear or need, but by passion and desire; something much deeper and more meaningful.”

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What’s your WHY for your business, your work, or your life for that matter? Do you know? It’s a critical question to answer. If you want to be successful in your business, as a coach, speaker, or in any work that you do, you need to know WHY you’re doing it. If your WHY is big enough, you can achieve any goal you want.

My mission is to transform the world. It’s a BIG task that makes me swallow hard just thinking about it. But here’s how I see it. My “why” is YOU. I believe in your potential, and I’m deeply committed to supporting your success in whatever way I can. If I help you and you go on to help others, I, in turn, transform the world one person at a time. So, my WHY is to contribute to your higher purpose. I believe in the difference you make, and I feel compelled to be a part of it. My ability to coach and train you to the next greatest version of yourself is one BIG way I bring my WHY to life.

One Degree Shift is a community of difference makers who are driven by really big WHY’s. This month, I taught them a formula for discovering their WHY and challenged them to spend some time thinking about the answer to the question: Why do you do what you do?

Join our community and learn the formula for discovering your WHY and making the difference you’re called to make in the world. I would love to support YOU!