I read the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho recently. I loved the story of the young shepherd, Santiago, who sets out on a journey to find and fulfill his Personal Legend. The book describes a Personal Legend as “what you have always wanted to accomplish.” For me your Personal Legend is your purpose — it’s the difference you are meant to make. I believe everyone is born with one. No matter who you are or what country you live in, you have a purpose.

Several years ago, I was leading a small group, and we were reading the book, The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe. I didn’t want to read the book, and I remember making a promise to myself the day the group selected it. I vowed, “This is the last book I will read on purpose without knowing my own.” I was adamant. I began reading with such intensity, focusing on every word looking for hidden clues to my purpose. By the fourth chapter, I was mentally exhausted.

Little did I realize then, I was being and doing my purpose at that time. My purpose was the reason I stepped up to lead the small group in the first place. It was why I facilitated practical exercises and discussions around the book topic to make what we read easy to apply. My purpose was also why I became disheartened and eventually dissolved the group because I perceived many of the members were stagnant, and there is no passion for me in complacency. My purpose is to get people moving in a meaningful direction. To shift them from confusion to clarity, from questions to answers, from wavering to trusting, and from fear to love. A more poetic way to describe my purpose is that I uncover and restore the melody of the heart. My purpose inspired me to launch One Degree Shift – a learning community for difference makers.

So, how do you get in touch with your purpose? You must realize that you are your purpose right now. Although I wasn’t conscious of it back then, I was being led by my passion, my enthusiasm, and my heart on my purpose path. I was always in the vicinity of my purpose. You are too! Here’s a few lessons I  learned along the way on my own purpose journey and from reading both of the books I’ve mentioned. First of all, RELAX. Fear, anxiety, frustration about knowing your purpose only blocks your ability to tune into it. Second, listen to your heart and pay attention to the clues and signs to see whether you are on or off purpose. When things are going well, it’s an indication that you are on your path. When things are going badly, it’s a sign you are off your path. Finally, you need other people if you are going to be successful. You were not created to fulfill your purpose alone. You need community to make it a reality.


  1. Listen to your heart. What’s your heart’s desire?
  2. What positive signs do you notice around you? What are you doing when this is happening?
  3. What negative signs do you notice around you? What are you doing when this is happening?
  4. Who can help you on your purpose journey? Who can you learn from? Do you have a strong community around you as you pursue your purpose?

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