“I want to do more with my life than just give up,” she replied.

In that moment, my heart leaped in agreement. Yes! Me too! I want to unleash my dreams and realize them… all of them! I want to make an impact in this world and leave it better because I was part of it. What about you?

She is amazing! But wait a minute… you are too! You are meant to make a difference in this world, and you’ve been given unique gifts, abilities, interests and passions that will lead you right to your purpose.

Where in your life have you just given up?

Imagine what you could accomplish if you decided to try again. Consider the fact that you are still here, breathing and moving on this earth, as proof that you have more in life to do.

Think about it!

  • What would life be if you had the courage to attempt anything? If you decided to try?
  • If you can be a better version of yourself, who do you want to be?
  • Complete this sentence: I want to be…

I often remind my clients of the popular Yoda saying about how there is no TRY, you either do or you do not. But, in keeping with the theme of her inspiring song, I’ll ask you where in your life will you TRY AGAIN?

What will you do to live more fearless, to leave a victorious path for others to follow, and to make the difference you are meant to make? Join me and let’s determine together, this day, right now in this moment, to try! Are you with me?

Leave me a comment and let me know how Mandy Harvey’s courage to TRY inspires you to BE more in your life.

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