Susan K. Younger wears an interesting set of hats. She does architectural drawings for design firms and private clients. She is a licensed massage therapist, a three-time author, and a certified B.A.N.K. trainer and business consultant. I’ve known her for several years, and she has supported me in several of my coaching programs: a founding member in One Degree Shift and co-author in the first book in our best-selling anthology series, Strengthen Your Wings: Amazing Stories for the Journey. It will be fun to introduce her and share what she’s up to with all of you.

Cassandra: Hi Susan! I’m excited to finally have the chance to introduce you to One Degree Shift. You and I have been acquainted for several years, and you’ve been a part of this community since its beginning. Tell everyone a little about your background and what has shaped you into the person you are today.

Susan: I was a shy girl — tall, clumsy and smart — from small town Iowa. My mom would tell me, “People are going to mistake you for stuck up unless you learn to reach out and let them know who you really are.” This reminder would serve me well in life and business. It wasn’t always easy, and I remember family friends worrying that even college would be a challenge I would not complete because I was so shy.

Cassandra: Good advice from your mom. It’s interesting that you were so incredibly shy back then, because I don’t see that part of you today. How did you overcome your shyness?

Susan: When I finished college, I was sure I would be moving to Texas to live in Dallas and work with a design firm doing exciting interiors. I got a degree in architecture when very few women were doing so. I was more interested in creating the space we live and work in than creating building shells. I did not find work in Dallas, as I arrived at the same time that oil embargoes were shutting down firms. I had to go back to Iowa and ask the firm I had interned with about working part-time. Three years later, the manager, who was also from Iowa, remembered me and pulled my resume out of the old files and reached out to me. There were letters back and forth for six months before an offer with the design firm in Dallas came my way.

Cassandra: Wow! That’s pretty awesome that the manager remembered you. You must have made some impression. Three years, six months later they found the shy girl from Iowa. How do you explain that?

Communicate What You Really Want Clearly and Directly

Susan: It was my willingness to clearly state my hope and desires for a career, not just a job, and my ability to walk away from the opportunity if it did not meet my needs as well as the needs of that company. This set me apart and showed the manager I was worth taking a chance on.

Cassandra: That doesn’t seem shy at all, Susan. It’s quite the opposite. You were assertive and confident. You really connected with the people too. You even show your relationship-building skills when you say you negotiated a part-time job with the firm you interned with in Iowa. Not only did your positive communication skills convince the manager, but your ability to make connections did too. So, I’m guessing you moved from Iowa?

Susan: Yes, I moved to Texas and then Arizona. My parents began to think maybe they had done their job too well to make me independent. I can only thank them for believing in me and always being encouraging and supportive about my dreams and life choices. It gave me a life bigger than they ever dreamed for me. Sometime those things you think will hold you back become the very things that move you forward.

Cassandra: That’s true. I think every experience and “quirkiness” is simply preparation for our purpose. So, your path led you to architecture, but because I know your story, I know that is not where it ends. What happened to land you where you are today?

Susan: I handled store planning for a department store, and as retail had ups and downs, I saw the business change. I was forced to relocate and eventually was laid off as takeover attempts changed the outlook for growth in the company I had worked with for 13 years. I watched architecture expand and contract. I ended up moving five times in four years — relocating from Arizona to California, back to Arizona, then New Mexico and Texas. With those changes, I was determined to become the person in control of my life choices and career instead of letting corporations make those choices for me.

Cassandra: You took your career in your hands once again. Just like she did after college, the resilient, confident, shy girl from Iowa determined to make the best of her situation. What did you do next?

When You Make Your Own Choices You Can Create a Better Life

Susan: I got training and became a licensed massage therapist. I could still do contract architectural work while also building a clientele as a massage therapist. It has allowed me over the past 17 years to flex with the economy’s ups and down and choose the clients I want to work with.

Cassandra: By taking control of your career and up-leveling your skills, you created the flexibility you value and an ability to navigate through uncertain times. (I’m sure there is a story too behind why you chose massage therapy, but we’ll save that for another time.) So, the theme I see running through your story is shy girl turned confident by knowing what she wants and communicating it clearly, building strong connections, and taking bold actions. What else have you been able to accomplish by setting your own rules?

Susan: I’ve built a simple life that satisfies me. It’s given me the time to write my book, Simple Living Simple Food: Life Lesson Learned Dining with Family & Friends and to be a contributing author in two other books, Fearless Women Fearless Wisdom and the collaborative book with the One Degree Shift authors, Strengthen your Wings: Amazing Stories for the Journey.

Cassandra: It was such a strengthening experience writing with you and the other authors of One Degree Shift in the first book. It was my first time compiling an anthology book, and we completed writing in such a short period of time – three months! It’s amazing what we can achieve in community. We’ve encouraged so many with our inspiring little books. You are working on a new venture now, one that combines your experience in the corporate environment and as an entrepreneur. What is it and how did you get started?

Susan: Two years ago, I was introduced to B.A.N.K. personality profile system. I heard Cheri Tree, who created it, speak at the eWomenNetwork Conference. Immediately I knew it was a program that spoke to my purpose of helping people make credible connections to make their lives easier to navigate and to make more money. I knew I had found the missing piece that would allow me to share my experience in corporations, small businesses and as a solo-preneur to help people create the life they want. I am a Certified Licensed Trainer of B.A.N.K. CODE, providing both live training and online virtual training options for everyone.

Cassandra: I know about B.A.N.K., and I know it is a very helpful tool. I can certainly see how it helps you teach others how to leverage what your mom told you years ago — assert yourself by communicating clearly and building lasting connections. Say more about it.

Susan: B.A.N.K. is the first training system that can improve sales and teamwork by teaching people a simple, proven methodology for better communication, negotiation and sales. B.A.N.K.’s cutting-edge science teaches you to pinpoint a person’s “buying” type in less than 90 seconds and use key trigger words to “speak their language.”

Cassandra: Susan, how can folks learn more about B.A.N.K. and find you online?

Susan: You can crack your own code at  and get a free profile sent directly to your inbox. If you want more information about the training or to become a consultant, you can contact me at or text or call me at 214-677-7109. My website is

Cassandra: Thanks Susan for providing the free profile report. I know people will get a lot from understanding their own buying and decision making style. What’s really great about it is when people know the style of their prospects and clients, they can speak to them the way they like to be spoken to.  It will build those valuable connections much faster! So, Susan, we know what you do, but tell us WHY you do it. What inspires you to do what you do? What motivates you?

You Have The Ability To Change Your Life For Good

Susan: People frequently think they don’t have the tools to make their life better. I love helping them see the best in themselves and how much we all have to share with others when we know how to connect and communicate clearly. To do this with more thought about helping others frequently creates the opportunities to help ourselves in the process.

Cassandra: That’s good! Share more about how helping others creates opportunities for us as well.

Susan: When you take the focus off yourself and focus on helping somebody else solve a problem that you can see the answer to, you will find that by sharing with them an answer to their problem you stop looking at the things that you don’t have. And, all of a sudden, somebody shows you an opportunity that you would never find for yourself. You stop looking at the things that are limiting you and the things that you don’t have, and you start attracting the connections that you’d love to have because other people, frequently strangers, are the ones that get you there.

Cassandra: That’s the wisdom that I knew was underneath everything that you’ve shared so far. This is what you’ve learned over your lifetime and through your life experiences. So, you’re saying people need to learn how to form better connections?

Susan: Yes, it’s the credible connections that always get you there.

Cassandra: That’s how you were able to do to overcome your shyness, and B.A.N.K. is a way for you to help people build those credible connections. So, is your motivation to help us see the value of credible connections?

Susan: Not just in the value of connections, but the value that people do not see in themselves because they can only see the things they are missing. They don’t see themselves as being a credible connection to somebody else. When they are focused on why they are not good enough, they keep missing why they are better than who they think they really are, and how they can solve problems that they didn’t realize they had a clue about. Some people look at themselves and say, “I’m not great at anything.” With B.A.N.K you start to understand that everybody has gifts and everybody looks at things from a different perspective. And when you understand those perspectives, you no longer look at yourself or others as strange. You understand them and they understand you, and you can connect and help each other move forward. You’re no longer in judgement.

Cassandra: So, did you have to learn that growing up as a shy, clumsy girl from Iowa.

Susan: You bet I did! In the same way as my mom told me that people would look at me and judge me without knowing who I was… unless I showed them who I was. I had to get out of my own way to do that, as painful as it might be. I don’t want people to underestimate their abilities or compare themselves with people who may be at a different point in life, have had different opportunities, or been working at something much longer than they have. We can’t make the world a better place if we are not doing our best and helping each other see the best in ourselves. In a sense, B.A.N.K. is a way of defining some of the things that I have just done inherently, but it is an easier way to explain it than I could put in words myself. I’ve always been someone who looks inside the person I am working with to figure out what drives them, not what can they do for me. What motivates them, and what will help them to get where they want to be? So, if I can find out what drives them and gets them excited, then I can help them meet their dreams and see the advantage from their perspective.

Success Is Certain When You Build Excellent Connections

Cassandra: That’s beautiful, Susan. You’ve created success in your life through credible connections. It’s what you write about in your book, Simple Living, Simple Food, too — sitting around the table communicating and connecting with each other. B.A.N.K. gives people an opportunity to make those connections more easily. Success is very difficult to achieve without credible connections.

Susan: If I had let my shyness hold me back, most of my life would never have happened. I had to learn to reach out and to be open to any response. Even when it’s hard to reach out, I have to remind myself of the successes. Sometimes it requires me to push myself, to set a small goal as a stepping stone to move towards the bigger goal, and to move forward even when it scares me. It’s always easier when you have the support of others.

Cassandra: Thanks Susan, this is the message I wanted others to hear.  You’ve been a part of One Degree Shift since the early days. Tell us why you connected, and why others should too. What has been the biggest value for you? What can this community and me as a coach offer to those considering to join us?

Susan: Being part of the One Degree Shift group keeps me connected to others who want to expand their lives and to lift others as we grow. Cassandra, you have always been able to ask me questions that make me look deeper, think about things from a new perspective, and sometimes find out something about myself that I’ve been unable to pull into focus without her help. You’ve been able to make me connect with thoughts no one else has been able to help me make. Additionally, being part of One Degree Shift gives me frequent opportunities to look at my goals and purpose with fresh perspective through the monthly calls and online discussions.

Cassandra: Thank you, Susan! I love our community for the same reasons. It is a very supportive place to learn and grow and to challenge your thinking about what you are truly capable of. I’m so happy you are a part of One Degree Shift, and I appreciate your support over the years.

Leave a comment below to let Susan know how her life and message speaks to you. What is your biggest communication or relationship-building challenges?

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