“Focus on what truly matters and life will be that much brighter and fulfilling.” – Meir Kay

Imagine the life you could create this year if each week you asked yourself, Can I DO better than this? Can I BE better than I was the week before? Can I be more productive than last week? Can I be kinder, more generous, more loving this week than I was last week?

If your answer is no, then simply keep doing what you’re doing and continue with the status quo.

But if your answer is yes – yes, I can do better or be better, I can be more productive, I can be kinder, more generous and loving, then raise the bar and top it each week.

Imagine the year you would have. Imagine the difference you would make for others. Imagine what would happen if each week you only tried to be better than the week before. << Click to tweet

Watch this memorable lesson on prioritizing the most important things first.



As the professor explains in the video, “We have this one life to live. We have the ability to accomplish anything, truly anything, if we use our time wisely.”

It’s easy to get sidetracked by the less important things  and lose sight of what matters most in life. Take care of the big stuff first! Don’t sweat the small stuff. And, strive to always do better than the week before.

Share your thoughts about this video in the comments below. What do you think your results would be if you only tried to be better than you were the week before? 

Join me and One Degree Shift as we raise the bar each week to create happier, more fulfilled lives while making a difference in the world around us. Make learning, growth, and meaning a priority in your life this year!