The biggest part of my personal transformation has been learning to trust myself. When I look at all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, I discovered TRUST (specifically self-trust) was a major factor keeping me from making a bigger difference. When you don’t trust, your journey will always be difficult, blocked, stuck, lonely, and slow. You will second guess your decisions and actions and just about everything and everyone around you. You will attempt to control every outcome in your life and if you can’t control it you won’t risk it. As a result, you sabotage your success and your dreams.

I did that. I did not completely trust myself, so I couldn’t trust others. And here’s how it showed up: I rarely asked for help or allowed others to help me. I would only allow myself to dream within the scope of what I thought I could realistically accomplish on my own, which is very small. My lack of trust limited my potential and hindered me from stepping into my greatness.

I’m not alone. Trust is a giant obstacle for many people. In order to make the difference you are called to make, you’ll have to practice trusting yourself most of all. When you are no longer afraid of disappointment, failure, being wrong, or being seen, then your greatness can shine. When you trust yourself, your self-confidence is high. You’re compassionate with yourself. Your self-talk supports you and encourages you to achieve your goals. Trust keeps you moving forward even in the face of obstacles and challenges. Trust comes first and allows the extraordinary results to show up. Every day, you have the opportunity to choose to trust. It’s up to you. 


  1. Do you trust yourself and others?
  2. Do you trust God, the Universe, the timing, and the process?
  3. Do you trust that your dream will come true?
  4. What actions are you taking to demonstrate that you do trust?
  5. What are you not trusting and why? How can you move this obstacle out of your way?

P.S. I have two mantras that I repeat often to build my self-trust: (1) I can completely TRUST myself because God trusts me. (2) I choose TRUST. This week, I invite you to recite them with me each day or as often as you want. It all starts with a SHIFT! Join me on Facebook