Transform Through Writing
With Cassandra Washington and One Degree Shift

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book (or another one)? Here’s an opportunity to make it happen this year, and 10 great reasons to join Transform Through Writing TODAY!

  1. You will develop into a stronger, more CONFIDENT writer in all areas of your business.
  2. You will build a SUCCESSFUL launching pad to commercialize your message and greatly EXPAND your reach.
  3. You will gain instant CREDIBILITY and be seen as a confident, competent messenger with something important to say.
  4. You will stay MOTIVATED by the support and encouragement of others and accomplish your dream of writing a book easier and faster than you’ve ever imagined.
  5. You will create a QUALITY published book that you can quickly turn into an EASY passive income stream.
  6. You will strengthen your personal brand in the world and INSPIRE others with the power of your story.
  7. You will learn how to convert your story into easy opportunities to SPEAK and SHARE professionally.
  8. You will add to your business card a published book that turns your introduction into a powerful and MEANINGFUL interaction.
  9. You will leave a legacy and MEMORY in your inspiring words for your family, friends, and the world.
  10. You will learn how to PUBLISH and MARKET your book the right way to recoup your total investment, and you won’t do it alone.

Wait! Here are 5 more Transformational Reasons to Join Us TODAY!

  1. You will discover your AUTHENTIC voice and learn to connect with others in a deep, heartfelt way.
  2. You will overcome your fears of writing and grow more confident, enabling you to conquer fears in other areas of your life and experience the TRUE POWER of your story.
  3. You will continue to spread your message in the world (because you have so much to say) and make a powerful difference for others through the WISDOM you’ve been given to share.
  4. You will connect to your higher PURPOSE through writing as you learn to be an open channel for the voice of God.
  5. You will follow through on your PROMISE and dream to write a book and become a published author THIS YEAR!

If you said YES to many of the statements above and you have no other questions, then all that’s left to do is… SIGN UP TODAY!

Learn to write, inspire, and become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Join Transform Through Writing with me and One Degree Shift.

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