Goodbye September. Welcome October. Fall is my second favorite time of year, next to spring. The colors, the sounds, the smells, the festivities warm my heart and make me smile.

This season is perfect for spending time in quiet reflection, reading a good book, and planning your life forward.

In the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind, you can hear a gentle voice whispering to your heart or feel an invisible hand nudging you to something more.

Soar /sôr/ verb: To rise to a higher position; to go to the top; to aspire to higher heights; to advance from an average to a greater degree; to climb above or go beyond the status quo

Are you ready to soar?

Check the following statements that are true for you.

  1. I am ready to grow
  2. I feel stuck in my work or life.
  3. I am ready to take serious steps forward.
  4. I feel stalled in fear and doubt.
  5. I am ready to live my dreams
  6. I don’t have the confidence or courage to pursue my dreams.
  7. I want to make a difference in my community.
  8. I know I want something more, but I’m not clear what it is or how to find it.
  9. I want to use my life to create a legacy.
  10. I want to find my purpose in life.

If you agree with just one of the statements, then now is the time to stop waiting and start moving toward what you want.

The world needs you to rise up and live your greatest purpose, and I want to show you how.

Here’s why you need to read The Call to Soar

You will be strengthened and encouraged by my new book with the Amazon bestselling authors of One Degree Shift.

Because this is your season to lift the lid to your liberation and break free from the box that limits your full potential.

You are not your struggles. Even a storm can be a beautiful place when you understand it does not define you but strengthens who you are meant to be. Challenges offer you a choice to either remain where you are or emerge from the dark clouds and fly high above them.

The authors of this book are teachers and healers who have been called by the divinity within all of us to face their greatest fears. Their stories reveal the answers they discovered and the healing they experienced as they faced obstacles on the path to greater meaning.

In The Call to Soar, you will discover how to remain hopeful in the midst of uncertainty; how to walk through any obstacle to find joy in life again, and how to rise up stronger than before and find true healing.

A must-read book for difference makers like you.

My coauthors and I share experiences that have most deeply shaped us; that touched closest to our hearts. The book is our life messages of how we climbed above our struggles. Each chapter is a ray of light in a storm to encourage you to SOAR.

The stories are so encouraging, so well-written, and so heart-felt. I know you will be inspired by them, and you too will find the freedom to give flight to your dreams.

Get your copy on Amazon on October 17, 2016, and then curl up in your favorite chair with a little fall inspiration.

Your wings are ready!



Leave a comment and tell me which of the statements above are true for you. Just share the numbers to make it easy. I look forward to engaging with you!

One Degree Shift gives you the power to express your voice by helping you discover your true self; align with the melody of your heart by loosening the restraint that holds back your authentic expression; and live a harmonious life while making a significant difference in the world around you.

Not only do I want to see you succeed, I am committed to help you get there! Join me and One Degree Shift