I’m very excited! Today is the US release of the book I wrote with 18 amazing authors from my One Degree Shift community. The book is a beautiful collection of stories written to encourage you on your purpose path. One thing I’m sure of is that after you read these stories you will be inspired, strengthened, and changed. I know this is true because we are not the same after writing it.

In the book, I share a story of how I built a wall of restraint around my heart to keep pain at a distance, and later realized how restraint limited my full expression and true potential. I’ve learned to keep my heart safe, but not hold too tight, to trust, to let go, and to open my amazing gift to make a difference. You will too! BUY YOUR COPY and learn how to lead with your whole heart!

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This book is filled with stories of triumph, learning, challenge, love, and hope to inspire you to lead with your heart, strengthen your courage, and realize the power you have to choose whatever attitude you desire to develop the mindset to succeed. If being of service and making a difference is a philosophy that guides you every day, this book will assist you in making your desire an even bigger reality. As you read each story, you will transform and emerge with wings of strength.

Please help me get the word out by sharing the news with your friends. Tell them to grab a copy today!