Determination is key to success! Webster defines determination as the act of officially deciding something and the quality that makes you continue trying to do it. As you create your vision for the new year — the picture of how you want your life to be, you’ll need determination to carry it out.

“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.” — Denis Waitley

Determination is a muscle that gets stronger as you use it. So, that means, you have to do something. You activate the muscle when you DECIDE to go after your dreams and goals. When the going gets tough, you develop your muscle when you KEEP GOING even when you think you can’t. Pursuing your purpose in community will help you strengthen your determination because you will draw inspiration from others. Determination is contagious, so CONNECT with people who will inspire you to new heights. Your determination gets stronger when you GET CLEAR on where you are going. Visualization is a powerful tool when creating strong determination. Imagine what you want your life to look like. Are you happy with your financial situation, your health, your business or career, your relationships? VISUALIZE what you want and then picture yourself achieving it. Imagine yourself having already reached your goals. As you do this, notice how you feel — empowered, satisfied, liberated, happy. As you work toward your vision, tap into these feelings and ENGAGE your determination muscle.


  1. Think about what you really want. Write it down or create a vision board. A vision board is a colorful collage of pictures, words, and quotes that reflect what you want to do or achieve.
  2. Write down everything you need to make your vision a reality. (This is where your coach and community can support you.)
  3. Repeat this: “I am determined to go further each day. I am driven towards realizing my dream. I always strive to give my best every day.” Determination comes from thoughts. When you affirm yourself with the right thoughts, you will find your inner strength.

Join the conversation in our Strengthen Your Wings Chat Room. I asked everyone to share in one word the attitude needed to accomplish their vision for 2015. Many thoughts were shared — trust, courage, faith, flexibility, but the word repeated most often was determination. So, this week, let’s dig deeper and build our determination.

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Contributing Author Jillann Micek is a sports enthusiast. She coaches a winning soccer team who played in the state championship this year in northern New York. Jillann’s professional experience includes caseworker, bookkeeper, and independent consultant with Ambit Energy. In her chapter, Jillann shares how through her athletic background she developed a determined attitude to press on through defeat, adversity, and injury. And, even during tragedy, this determined spirit prepared her to rally to her sister’s side. Her advice to you, “We can all make a difference as long as we stay in the game, pursuing our passion… Keep going forward, no matter the difficulties or obstacles you face. Find your reason to stay in the game, and then move forward with determination and purpose.” — Jillann Micek, Determined to Stay in the Game