Recently, I posted this challenge in One Degree Shift community’s private Facebook group:

Tell us one SHIFT you’ve made in your thinking (mindset, perspective) that has made a big difference in your work, relationships, or life.

Members quickly responded in the most insightful and profound ways. Follow their lead by making these five shifts in your thinking too. It will change everything – from how you show up in the world to creating amazing outcomes in your life.

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#1 Take Time Out

The key to changing anything – your mind, your body, your life – is relaxing. Relax? That seems counter-intuitive, right? Especially when we live in a society where we are taught to push, push, PUSH to achieve our goals. However, the constant push for achievement creates anxiety – worry, fear, tension, and overwhelm. Our response to this anxiety is usually a defensive posture. We either attack, avoid, or we become stagnant and afraid to move at all. Neither of these responses produce the outcomes we desire. Relaxation will help you open up to inspiration and creativity. Read how, One Degree Shift member, Karen Boesche-Carlson experienced more ease and productivity when she decided to take time out and relax.

Taking time away last week, and the reading I was able to do on my Kindle while my wonderful husband did the driving, allowed some new shifts in my thinking. Since I am home, I look at exercise differently. I went walking yesterday morning and this morning again. I am also developing a marketing plan for my massage business to a specific demographic. I met with my spiritual director yesterday and she could feel the shift in me. God is good at all times and at all times God is good! ~Karen Boesch-Carlson, Be Well Massage

#2 Live in the Moment

Here’s a thought from my coach and mentor, Lisa Nichols, bestselling author and motivational speaker. Lisa says, “Life moves in inches not feet.” So often, we expect a single step to propel us to leap tall buildings in a single bound. We fill our schedules and clutter our minds to run away from the regrets of yesterday and to outsmart the challenges of tomorrow. When we do not get the immediate and huge payoff we expect, we get frustrated, lose the motivation to persevere, give up altogether. Success comes from the small actions taken today and repeated often. Susan K. Younger shared her mantra for staying in the moment.

It’s about TODAY, not tomorrow, not yesterday. When I get distracted, this is the one thought that changes my focus so I don’t get lost in ‘what if’ thinking. I get back on track with whatever I can accomplish NOW to reach a goal or just take care of me in the moment, so I can get done what has to be done when I can get it done. No judgment, no regrets. ~Susan K. Younger, author of Simple Living Simple Food

Instead of being burdened with the disappointment of the past or choked by the anxiety of the future, shift your thoughts to the peaceful, present moment of NOW and you will change everything.

#3 Tune into Your Dreams

One of my favorite things to do in my private coaching is to encourage people to to go after their dreams. My coach, Marcia Wieder, founder of Dream University and author of the book, “Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul,” teaches a three step formula for making your dreams real. First, get clear on what you want. Next, believe in yourself and your dreams. Third, take action on your dreams. Dreams are powerful; your dream connects you to your passion and purpose. Read how, One Degree Shift member, CeCe Converse explains her powerful shift in her thinking by resurrecting her dreams.

I’ve shifted by resurrecting my dreams. You know… the kind dreams that you have when you are younger and that you kind of let go of as you move into college and the working world. I had forgotten them, and now I have resurrected them and WOW! What energy they have creating new fertile ground to grow! ~CeCe Converse, Intuitive Clarity and Luminous Life Coaching

What’s your dream? Tune into them and connect to the vitality of life!

#4 Believe in Yourself

Your actions will always reveal your beliefs. If you believe in your dreams, you’ll take action to make them come true. On the other hand, if you believe pursuing your dream is too risky, you might spend a lot of energy talking about your dreams, but you’ll do little to make them happen. Central to making your dreams come true is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, your action fuel tank is on empty and nothing changes. Tippy Heffernan-Missick described how she shifted her attitude and expectations just one degree.

I have shifted my attitude one degree, and now I know that if I believe it I WILL achieve it. Believing in myself was a huge shift in me. Before, I believed others over myself. Now through prayer and God’s grace, my confidence has blossomed and I trust and believe that I know what is best for me! It is such a peaceful feeling. ~Tippy Heffernan-Missick, InCorporate Wellness

#5 Think Abundance

Scarcity is a limited way of thinking that holds us back from creating the life of our dreams. We think there aren’t enough of the things we need: I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. Or, there just isn’t enough of me to go around.

I don’t know about you, but when I perceive scarcity, I react by hoarding – holding on to the little that I’ve got. I become less generous, and I begin penny-pinching my time, my money, and my dreams. Scarcity causes us to lose hope and motivation for living – instead we merely exist. We give up because we don’t think there is enough money, time or people in our life to support us, and we certainly don’t believe we can have more. Instead of thinking scarce, think abundance.

An abundance mindset says there is more than enough to share with others and for everyone to win. When you think abundance, you are motivated to take action because you know each step brings you closer to success and each new day brings more possibilities. Gratitude is an excellent way to shift to an abundance mindset. When you begin to appreciate what you have today, you begin to notice the abundance of support, ideas, opportunity… and everything else you’ve forgotten about.

So, which of these shifts do you relate to most? How can you change your mind in order to make big changes in your life? Please share. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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