Let me start by saying Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Each week as I post my #MindShiftMonday message, I wonder if anyone will be served by it, if anyone is actually reading it, or if anyone even cares. Then I receive a comment or I get a Facebook notification telling me that you “Like” my post. Every now and then, I get a short e-mail letting me know my message meant a lot. Your interaction gives me encouragement to carry out my mission, and I am deeply grateful for your response. I am thankful for you!

This week in the U.S. we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It’s been a national holiday since 1863, a time we gather to give thanks for our blessings. Besides generosity, appreciation, and prayer, the day is usually filled with food, parades, football, travel, and in recent years shopping too. All of us have different traditions and ways of celebrating, but I know something we can share that is bound to make a difference for everyone. Let’s approach this week with a focus on thankfulness and make a conscious effort to carry that feeling in our hearts all week long.

“Thanksgiving with the mouth stirs up thankfulness in the heart.” — John Piper

Let’s expand the capacity of thankfulness in our hearts by giving thanks with our mouths. Join me in a 7-day Thanksgiving Challenge. Each day practice giving thanks and appreciating the things we have in our life and the people who make it wonderful. Go beyond thinking about it secretly, and instead say it out loud (and post it on my Facebook page).


  1. When you wake up and as you go about your day, say to yourself, “I am thankful for everything in my life.”
  2. At the end of the day, write down 7 things you are thankful for.
  3. Send a thank you note to 7 special people in your life.
  4. Post one thing you are thankful for on Facebook for the next 7 days.
  5. Each day, notice things and people you appreciate and say, “Thank you.”

Thankfulness isn’t just a challenge, but it is a habit. How can you practice and nurture the habit of thankfulness? Join me on Facebook.