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Conversations are powerful.
They can spark new ideas, answer questions you didn’t know to ask, and lead to powerful shifts in your thinking. The kind of conversations that you walk away feeling engaged, inspired, or like you’ve made a real connection or been completely understood.

But, is conversation a lost art in today’s world?

The problem in America is not that we watch different news, it’s that we don’t talk to each other. Let’s bring good, old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation back.

Let’s have real conversations.

  • Speak your mind and be part of finding real solutions
  • Learn something new or expand your own viewpoint
  • Build connections and relationships with people from a wide range of perspectives and ideas
  • Feel the energy and passion of being part of something bigger than yourself
2018 Real Dialogue Event
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Soak up the empowering community.

Thought leaders, ordinary folks, curious types, people who love to talk and meet new people, passionate, deep thinkers, and positive beings interested in other people, open to listen and set aside opinions, problem solvers, big-hearted, activists, advocates, enthusiastic, authentic, tolerant, kind, learners, who want to make change in the world, exchange ideas, and network with different types of connections.

“Real Dialogue was very inspiring, enlightening. I met  wonderful individuals who are passionate about their work. It was a great evening!” – Karen Skinner

Let’s have conversations that matter.

Energetic discussions around complicated topics that shape our lives. Topics vary from session to session – from finding purpose and meaning and developing character to social and political issues that affect us, diversity, gender equality, and even spirituality, religion, and health.

Our conversations are guided by a few simple ground rules:

  • Listen for understanding, not for argument.
  • Honor confidentiality. The Vegas Rule!
  • Disagree respectfully.

To create an environment that is safe for disagreement where we can contribute to an open exchange of ideas and experience real breakthroughs.

“I was surrounded by strangers, but after a few minutes I began to feel as though I knew everyone in the room and it quickly felt like a family reunion.” – Michael H. Lewis

Join millions around the world.

Conversations are the glue that binds us together. You’ll walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had!

“With everything going on in the world right now, I want to be part of conversations that are constructive and positive, that are healing and kind, and that bring us closer together” – Cassandra Washington