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Hey Difference Maker!
  • Your dreams are important.
  • You are here to make a difference.
  • You are meant to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

But… do you know the next step or even where to start?

You May Find Yourself Thinking…

  1. I know I have so much more to offer, but I’m not sure how to get started.
  2. I am confused about my purpose and whether I’m following the right path.
  3. I have a passion and dream for something more, but I’m afraid to go after it.
  4. I know I could be and do more in life, but I lack the confidence to try something new.
  5. I want to make a positive impact in the life of others, but I don’t feel like an expert yet.

You’re not alone! And, what’s truly amazing is that your next step
is not a 360- or 180-degree turn; it’s a tiny one degree shift.

Imagine being part of a community where you will…

  • Learn and grow with uplifting people.
  • Gain more clarity about your purpose and direction.
  • Develop the confidence to go for your dreams (at any age).
  • Awaken the difference maker in you.
  • Deepen your spiritual and personal practices.
  • Support others to achieve their dreams too.

Community Ambassadors Spotlight

Are you ready to make a shift?

You’ll get access to training, coaching, and resources to become a more powerful version of yourself.
And, one degree shift is all it takes!


Join me and One Degree Shift community as you…

  • Step into a bigger version of yourself
  • Connect with a higher purpose
  • Rewrite the story of your life
  • And, soar to new heights with me

You will feel connected, supported and inspired!


Let’s Take the Next Step Together!
I will be your coach, mentor, encourager, partner, and friend!

Monthly Members-Only Training

We’ll connect LIVE every month in a video training session, where you’ll learn how to consciously create an intentional life of contribution and meaning. You can ask me whatever you want during our coaching segment and I will support you in moving forward.

Frequent Check-Ins From Me

You’ll get quick e-mails or texts from me throughout the month to cheer you on and help you stay motivated to do the things you dream of and create a life you love!

Membership Portal

In addition to the new training I share each month, you’ll get access to archived content going back to 2014. (And… we have created some amazing content over the years!)

A Supportive Community

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded difference makers in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions (answer them too), share successes and challenges, and find tons of encouragement to stay on your purpose path.

Facebook Live Mini Sessions

You’ll stay motivated and on-track throughout the month with short doses of inspiration and powerful how-to tips that support you in putting new strategies into action.

Learning Circles

You’ll tap the collective wisdom of the group through reflection and dialogue around relevant topics that empower you to produce the results you want in life.

Exclusive Members-Only Discounts

You’ll also get discounts for my private and group coaching programs and to my in-person events (Hint: Keep the October 4-6, 2019 open for One Degree Shift LIVE!)

Accountability Partners

You’ll get the support you need to realize your own dreams while helping your partner to achieve hers too.




And So Much More! Your membership will make it fun and exciting to make small shifts,
step into who you are meant to be, and contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

It’s the next best thing to having me as your personal coach!

I’m Ready to Make a Shift

Dear Difference Maker,

For many years I attempted to “go it alone,” leaving my corporate training job for solopreneurship. I did it all, not all equally well, but singlehandedly and proud. I told myself this story since the 8th grade: I have to work HARD for everything I get and NOTHING comes easy for me. It was lodged so deeply in my psyche that I didn’t think of it as a story. It was my life.

I always worked hard, and I almost always worked alone. You see, when you tell yourself a story like that, it becomes your reality. I had the potential to do more in my life, to make a difference, but the story was a heavy lid that restricted me from climbing any higher.

Transformation came by understanding that I had the power to rewrite that old story. Now this new mantra has become my new reality: Things come to me with ease and through my trusted friends.

If your story limits you, rewrite it in a way that empowers you to grow and make changes in your life. Realize you were never meant to go it alone. Surround yourself with a supportive, encouraging community who can help you make the difference you are meant to make.

Get ready to make a shift!


What people are saying about One Degree Shift…

Sue Corbran

My life has been transformed since meeting Cassandra and joining her One Degree Shift community. I have grown from a state of discontent into a confident woman, like a caterpillar in a cocoon transformed to beautiful butterfly ready and prepared to soar.

Kathi Palmer

The accountability, coaching, and teaching has made me more aware. I catch myself in a self-sabotaging behavior and realize that I am not giving myself the credit I deserve. I have a more positive attitude, and people notice it!

Lourdes Brown

The coaching I have done with Cassandra has led to a clear and distinct awareness of my blessing and how I am innately engineered to serve others. I am eternally grateful that our paths have crossed and for the community in One Degree Shift that has become part of my family.

Ilda Grimaldo

The biggest value for me is being among a community of people who share the same desire to be successful in life. We overcome obstacles together and share what works for success.

Miriam Ilgenfritz

One Degree Shift is renewing my vision to make a difference. I feel encouraged to grow personally and to begin making shifts in my mindset in several areas.