Want to influence the learning and growth for our members while building
valuable skills to engage your audience and launch your own programs?


Become A Community Ambassador

Ambassadors will gain hands-on experience, leadership development, and learn core facilitation, coaching, and presentation skills. You will take part in planning events, designing programs, increasing participation and membership, and leading learning circles in your topic of interest. Key to your participation is a passion and willingness to be a peer coach to other members.

1. Take on a leadership role by teaching and engaging members of One Degree Shift

2. Shorten your learning curve and gain quicker results to build your program and audience

3. Tap into 20+ years of experience and learn from the successes and mistakes of our experts

4. Collaborate with others to stimulate more ideas than you would on your own

5. Avoid feeling isolated or overwhelmed and experience a shared sense of purpose

6. Receive guidance from experts in marketing, engagement, and filling your programs

7. Improve your confidence and strengthen your skills to grow your platform as a coach, facilitator, or speaker.

Choose your payment plan:

Full Payment of $5000


First Payment of $1500

Followed by 10 monthly payments of $450


First Payment of $1500

Followed by three quarterly payments of $1500


What The Program Offers:

Put Your Expertise in Writing

Discover the author in you. Write articles for One Degree Shift Community Blog, monthly newsletters, and e-books.

Design Your Programs and Products

From picking a topic and creating an outline to setting your price and promoting your program, you’ll learn design steps to create group programs.

Develop the Master Tools of Coaching

Strengthen your coaching abilities as you practice listening deeply, asking powerful questions, and developing your intuition to help people transform themselves.

Become Masterful at Facilitating Groups

Whether you already have experience facilitating groups or you’re new to the experience, you will develop a collection of skills to lead face-to-face events, teleclasses, and webinars.

Develop Your Public Speaking Abilities

Develop a keynote talk, practice your presentation skills, create a strategy for getting booked as a speaker and work together to create live/virtual events.

Earn While You Learn

Earn some extra money by promoting One Degree Shift and recruiting new members for a generous 50% commission, as well as referral fees on Cassandra’s most popular programs.


  • Active Influencer in One Degree Shift
  • Passionate about leading and guiding other members
  • Ambitious leaders who practice integrity to live their mission
  • Able to connect with a diverse group of members
  • Committed to doing the work to fulfill and follow through on objectives and create the future you want for yourself


Quarterly Certification Training

Attend quarterly face-to-face training and practice techniques that give you the skills to become a world-class coach & facilitator, successful speaker, and influential leader.

March 23-25
June 22-24
Sept 28-30
December 14-16

Monthly Training & Mastermind

You get training, coaching and Q&A every month when you plug in to a 90-minute live virtual training webinars & group mastermind with Cassandra and her team of experts.

Private Coaching Sessions

You will get 10 – 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Cassandra focused on your personal leadership and to support your individual objectives.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments allow you to apply the learning to real-life setting and get more take-aways from your Ambassador role.  Anticipate spending at least 10 hours each month.

One-Year Mentorship

Get training and feedback to advance your skills from seasoned coaches and speakers who transfer their knowledge to shorten your learning curve. This program requires a commitment of one year.


To become truly phenomenal at something, you must spend time doing it. That’s why, at least 70% of your learning as an Ambassador will be by doing.

Private Ambassadors-Only Portal

Access to a private online portal to download assignments, retrieve relevant content, share files, and set up your Ambassador profile.

Supplemental Resources

This program includes books, videos, article links, worksheets, tools and templates to help you apply what you learn. Note: Some recommended resources may require an additional investment.

If you’re ready to make an impact in One Degree Shift, please step up today!

Becoming a Community Ambassador is an exciting opportunity for members to gain valuable skills that can be used to launch their own programs. As such, the program requires a substantial commitment. Will you commit to attend monthly webinar training, quarterly weekend training, and contribute to community blog, engage online, and serve as a leader throughout the year? If so, please proceed with the application. If you cannot meet these requirements, contact me to discuss other ways to step up as a leader.

Choose your payment plan:

Full Payment of $5000


First Payment of $1500

Followed by 10 monthly payments of $450


First Payment of $1500

Followed by three quarterly payments of $1500