Here’s a post from my Facebook timeline. See if you can relate to it. I asked life, “Why are you so difficult?” Life smiled and said, “You people never appreciate easy things.”

I asked life

If you’re anything like me (and I suspect we’re alike in many ways), you may get busy doing a lot of activity but not seeing a lot of results. You know what I mean? There is a difference between ACTION and ACTIVITY. Activity will keep you spinning your wheels but not making any progress. As Stephen Covey teaches in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, we get trapped in the crisis mode of living where everything is important and everything is urgent. We’re exhausted, running on fumes, and misled into thinking that we’re handling business when in fact we’re distracted with busyness.

When I find myself spinning and saying “yes” far too many times to others and “no” to what’s important to me like time for self-renewal and my own purposeful practices, I stop. I connect to my purpose, the dream in my heart, and WHY I do what I do. Then I reset, look at my day, and consider the one most important task that will move me forward. That leads me to practical, purposeful ACTION.

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