In the world of work and business, we have been taught to lock away our heart, but if we’re going to lead and inspire others, we need to keep our hearts open. Research shows that it is the heart that motivates us, engages others, and determines what we do in life. The heart, not the mind, inspires our greatest achievements.

The heart of a Difference Maker is compassion and at the center of everything they do. The heart is the source of infinite imagination and creativity, allowing them to lead, to serve, and to connect with others in incredible ways. So, what causes them to guard their hearts? Fear of being hurt or judged, Difference Makers may keep their dreams silent and become reluctant to let others in. This disconnection or isolation may cause them to slowly struggle forward or stagnate because they lack the momentum that comes from connecting with others. It is no wonder that Difference Makers find refuge in a community of like-minded leaders, and when they do, they begin to live more open-hearted and authentic.

Your heart has a melody. It is a song that leads to clarity, answers, and assurance. Following the melody of your heart means to create your life from your heart center, a life that serves you and others. It’s the determination to overcome everything that has silenced your music and the courage to live unapologetically – transforming from who you’ve known yourself to be into who you really are. Are you tuned in to the melody of your heart?


On a scale of 1-5, 1 being “never” and 5 being “always,” rate the extent each statement is true.

  1. I bravely pursue the dreams and interests that make my heart sing.
  2. I feel a sense of alignment and connection with my work.
  3. I use self-talk that supports me to live uninhibited and free.
  4. I acknowledge my weaknesses without excessively putting myself down.
  5. I address the internal doubts, beliefs, and fears that block my growth.
  6. I include practices in my daily routine that keep my heart open and safe.
  7. I seek the wisdom within my heart rather than looking to others for my answers.
  8. I am confident in who I am, my strengths, and the gifts I have to share with the world.
  9. I am comfortable with uncertainty and follow the whispers and promptings of my heart.
  10. I trust myself completely.

This week, practice listening to your heart and taking actions that support your desires. If you scored “3 or lower” on any statement, turn it into a positive affirmation. Write “I am learning to” in front of each statement and repeat it often. Soon you will notice more of it in your life.

StrengthenYourWings-FrontCove72dpiInside the Book…

“The heart is delicate, and I should know. I guarded my own with diligence. The largest part of my transformation has been my journey to open my heart – to learn to keep my heart safe, but not hold too tight. Your heart may be wounded, crushed, broken, grieved, or afraid. Love on it and let it open again. Trust it, be protective of it, but keep your heart open. When your heart is closed, it blocks you from sharing your gifts and receiving guidance. But learning to protect your heart without restricting it will release the unlimited love you have, and bring more back to you.” — Cassandra Washington, Keep Your Heart Open and Safe

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