Several Local Voices Join Thousands Across the Globe to Discuss the Importance of Developing Character Strengths from Different Perspectives

DALLAS, TX (September 4, 2017) – In support of the fourth annual Character Day, a global movement on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 spearheaded by Webby Awards Founder Tiffany Shlain, several impassioned DFW small business owners and business professionals will host a public screening & discussion of the brand-new short film “30,000 Days” from Emmy-nominated Film Studio Let It Ripple.

“With everything going on in the world right now, the violence in Charlottesville, the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and our increasingly tense political environment, I want to be part of something that is constructive and positive, that is healing and kind, and that brings us closer together” said Cassandra Washington, CEO & Founder of Exceed Resources and Character Day Ambassador who is enthusiastically leading the Dallas event.

The evening will center around a discussion about the importance of developing character, qualities like curiosity, creativity, initiative, collaboration, and empathy, and how developing these strengths can lead to a life of meaning and purpose in today’s world. To date, there are already more than 75,000 screenings scheduled in all 50 states and across 75 countries with events taking place at organizations spanning the top tech companies, museums, schools, universities and libraries – as well as homes around the world.

“Character Day is about bringing us all together to spend a day focusing on who we are, and who we want to be — for ourselves, our families, and the world,” said Tiffany Shlain. “We’re living in challenging days that require us to step up and ask these bigger questions in new ways.”

Real Dialogue is a community forum that Cassandra Washington launched in February 2017, a safe place for meaningful conversations about the complicated subjects that shape our lives. It is not a place to argue, but a chance to contribute to an open exchange of ideas that lead to greater understanding.

“We want to do more than have a conversation; we want to inspire global change and to take collective action,” explains Cassandra Washington.

The Real Dialogue: Character Day Dallas event is on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at Tower Club Dallas, 1601 Elm Street, 48th Floor, Dallas, TX 75201. Join this worldwide initiative about how to develop character within ourselves and one another. Tickets sold on Eventbrite at $25 per person.

Sign up at https://dallas-character-day.eventbrite.com

Real Dialogue will contribute a portion of ticket sales along with generous donations to a Character Day Scholarship Fund, sponsored by Scholarship Informer, to benefit a deserving local high school senior from Dallas who, despite her circumstances, is demonstrating grit, courage, and determination – character strengths that we can all admire.

“Not only is this young girl inspiring her six younger siblings, but she encourages others to pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances,” said Gabrielle McCormick of Scholarship Informer. “It is easier to believe in your dreams when you see people close to you getting it done.”

Nikhil Eruvankai of Modern Woodmen of America was inspired by her story and has agreed to match the first $500 raised. The event will also recognize a number of local charities doing good work to build character in the next generation.

Cassandra Washington is joined by two visionary partners to host Real Dialogue: Character Day Dallas: Gretchen Martens of Gretchen Martens and Associates and Kelley Moore of See Your Possibilities. They join other major Let It Ripple Character Day partners to help expand this initiative and cultivate character around the globe.

For more information or to register or donate online, please visit https://dallas-character-day.eventbrite.com

About Cassandra Washington, Character Day Ambassador:

Cassandra Washington works with leaders, messengers, healers, social and spiritual entrepreneurs – people called to make a difference in the world – to develop the confidence and skills to fulfill their life’s purpose. She works with clients privately, in small groups, and leads a thriving virtual community called One Degree Shift. Cassandra’s professional development firm develops world-class content and highly effective training that addresses many of the challenges impacting today’s businesses.

Find out more at https://cassandrawashington.com  or call 469-215-1135.