Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Being Sick

Each month, we feature a member of the One Degree Shift community. This month we are featuring Pat Collins, owner of MedAdvocate.  She is making a tremendous difference in the lives of caregivers and their aging loved ones. Pat is a Pharmacist who believes, “Getting older doesn’t mean feeling bad or being sick.” She has often found that the drugs her clients are taking are making things worse. Pat is on a mission to improve her clients’ quality of life for the time they have left. Read the touching story she shared when I asked her, “What’s your WHY.

CASSANDRA: Hi Pat! Tell us a little bit about you and your journey.

PAT: I grew up in a small town called Etowah, TN and graduated from Samford University School of Pharmacy in Birmingham, AL. I worked as a retail pharmacist for over 23 years, and now I am in the information and troubleshooting side of pharmacy.

CASSANDRA: The information and troubleshooting side of pharmacy. Tell us more. What service do you offer?

PAT: I work with families that are dealing with the declining health or mental state of aging parents. Most are caregivers that are overwhelmed and frustrated. They may have full-time jobs, a spouse, and kids still at home or in college. They don’t realize that their loved one’s treatment plan may be making the situation worse. I “put it all together” for them and develop an action plan they can work from. It’s about addressing the unique needs of their parents and taking a whole person approach to treatment. I show them what to deal with first, second, third and so on, and what they need to do to control the situation instead of being controlled by the situation.

I’m passionate about helping people understand that they have choices, and that there is someone out there, a medical professional, that will listen to their concerns, needs and issues. I’ll do the research and present them with options. I have been there wanting to help my parents get the best care possible, and I know how difficult it is when you are juggling a job and a family of your own. I help families provide the best quality of life for their loved ones for the time they have left.

CASSANDRA: What you offer is so needed today. We’re living longer. You advise on the dangers of multiple medications and help families talk to care providers to revise care plan if necessary. As a caregiver myself, I’m definitely looking at quality of life for my uncle. Where can people find you online or how can we reach you?

Pat CollinsPAT: You may reach me online at  or call me at 865-684-8771.

CASSANDRA: In a recent One Degree Shift community call, we talked about the importance of knowing your WHY – why you do what you do. Tell us your WHY.

PAT: I have experienced the stress and frustration of medical issues with my mom. I am a pharmacist and my brother is a physician, but in our parents eyes we are still 10 years old. They don’t want to bother us, and they sure don’t complain. I know that there are sometimes multiple doctors and multiple issues, and nobody is taking the time to look at everything and put it all together. The physicians are not communicating with each other, and in my case, my mom couldn’t tell them everything and the volume of information given by healthcare providers is overwhelming. It is just too much information, and they don’t explain it very well. My dad did the best he could to listen and understand, but he couldn’t relay it to us, because he didn’t understand all of it.

We can only process so much information at a time, and when we are under stressful conditions we process even less.  Our brains do a protective “thing” and only let us deal with little bits at a time. You may hear all of the information, but you cannot process it all at once. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or how smart you are because in that moment you are the child of a parent in need. You are not thinking rationally, you are reacting and in survival mode. I get it. I take some of the stress away by providing the information that you need to help your loved one.

CASSANDRA: You take a lot of the stress away. Caring for your loved one especially in critical care situations is enormously stressful. I’m glad you’re there to help us make sense of the situation. Pat, what wisdom have you been given to share with us from your own personal experience and story?

PAT: I had to find out the hard way that I couldn’t do it all – at least not all at the same time. My mom was in critical care. I was working 12-hour shifts at the pharmacy. My brother was working at his urology practice. We both had kids. My dad was staying at the hospital, and my brother and I were visiting as much as possible. I would shut the pharmacy down at 8:15 p.m. just to make the last visit. If I didn’t catch the doctor at the time of the visit, I knew nothing and nobody would tell you anything. Sometimes, if my brother or I were there late, the nurses would let us look at the test results. But, most families would not have access to that information. Sadly, my mom didn’t make it. I do what I do in her memory. I want to help other families get the information before they get into a critical situation. Prevention of complications is my ultimate goal. Yes, we do have to get older, but we don’t always have to feel bad or be sick.

CASSANDRA: Thank you Pat for so bravely sharing your personal story. I love your message: “We don’t have to feel bad or be sick just because we are getting older.” One last question, you’re a member of One Degree Shift – actually you’re our first member. Tell us the biggest value so far of your membership?

PAT: I enjoy being able to discuss situations with the group and finding solutions to problems. I like that others feel passionate about what they do to help others. Learning what worked and did not work for them in their business is a great help to me.

CASSANDRA: Thank you Pat. This has been an informative spotlight. I’m happy to introduce you and your business to others. I’m glad you’re part of One Degree Shift, and I’m excited to support you in making a BIGGER difference for others.

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What concerns do you have about the dangers of multiple medications or revising the treatment plan for your loved one? Leave a comment for Pat.

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  1. Faith Quintana May 30, 2014 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    I found this conversation quite interesting! I knew different drugs interact differently with others. You go on trusting your doctors, not knowing the reason you’re feeling bad, or just not getting better, is the drugs you’re taking! But, you don’t figure it out until it’s too late! I didn’t know that there is someone who studies the interactions between different drugs and the symptoms they produce. Many people might get better if they’re off of certain meds and switched to another one! Could be a big help to my Mother and Brother. I know my Brother takes 14 different drugs. He’s not feeling good! Feet are constantly swollen! I don’t know, but 14 different meds? Come on that’s a lot! So if Pat can help caregivers, I love what she does!

    • Pat Collins June 4, 2014 at 10:35 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your comments. I hear those types of comments quite a bit. I usually say if someone is on 8 or more medications, and they just don’t feel as good as they should… give me a call or email me and let’s see what I can do to help. When you think of people that could benefit from my services, please pass along my information and as always they can contact me through my website or call me 865-684-8771.

  2. Heather Rial June 1, 2014 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    I wish I could have had this information 3 years ago. I think what you do Pat is vitally important, and could make a huge difference in the quality of life for aging folks and their adult children! I highly recommend you and MedAdvocate!

    • Pat Collins June 4, 2014 at 10:38 pm - Reply

      You and I have talked about this very thing and I really do appreciate that you pass along my information to those in need. Thanks again for your recommendation, it really does mean a lot to me.

  3. Joeva June 1, 2014 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    So happy to see someone helping families in this situation. I believe if my father’s doctors had all worked together sooner, my dad would still be here. He did get, I believe, another year of substantial quality of life when he switched to a team of doctors that actually worked together and took him off numerous meds that had been prescribed by doctors not communicating with one another. Thank you for what you do, Pat. It is a terribly needed service.

    • Pat Collins June 4, 2014 at 10:42 pm - Reply

      I am sorry for your loss and that is my goal – to help them have a better quality of life for the time they have left. If I can be of service to someone you know, please pass along my information. I greatly appreciate all the help that I can get in letting folks know that what I do exists. Have a fantastic week.

  4. Jillann Micek June 12, 2014 at 7:47 pm - Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Pat! You provide a very beneficial service!

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