It’s a new year! Time to put whatever happened in 2016 behind us – to accept it, to learn from it, to celebrate it, to forgive ourselves and others,  and look forward to the possibilities and potential ahead of us.

Last month to help One Degree Shift community prepare for a successful year, I coached them on setting powerful intentions. Intention is the starting point. Before you write down any goal, resolution or dream (something you want or how you want your life to be), you start by setting an intention and then build your goals and dreams on top of it.

What intention will you set to live your best life in 2017? (Read more about setting an intention.)

Do you intend to live on purpose? Do you intend to learn and grow? Do you intend to be loving and kind? Set an intention for what you want or what you are seeking.

3 Valuable Building Blocks to Living an Inspired Life

Once you declare exactly what you want, next you take action. This demonstrates that you are serious about improving your life and not just talking about it. One small step puts you in integrity with your intention, and ease and shortcuts occur when you practice being true to yourself. Intention followed by action creates powerful results, and together with integrity create the building blocks for living an inspired life.

Last year I created the Soar to Success program to teach these tried-and-true principles and to work more closely with One Degree Shift members and others who had specific intentions and dreams but needed successful strategies to make them happen. The program also allowed me to support those who wanted to clarify their intentions and identify at least one specific dream to work on. Each participant received one-on-one coaching and guidance each week to take serious steps forward. The program is phenomenal, but don’t just take my word for it. Nita McKeethen of Young Living Essential Oils had this to say,

This is an awesome program! I recommend it to anyone who wants help with clarifying your dreams and goals, and then setting intentions and creating purposeful, strategic actions, all in a safe, dynamic community of like-minded, nurturing women. I learned how to put processes and practices in place that helped my business work more efficiently.

The accountability and encouragement in smaller, more intimate groups allowed each participant to achieve numerous successes. At the end of our 10-weeks together, each one listed their successes since the start of the program and we celebrated them. Each of them filling up an entire page or more. Sue Wickstrom of NYR Organic said this,

Cassandra, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, guidance, and support throughout this program! My favorite part was learning from one another and seeing the growth occurring in myself. I also enjoyed celebrating our successes. I had really lost sight of so many successes along the way. 

A Coach Can Provide Tremendous Support for Your Life

Sue Corbran also completed the Soar to Success program with big wins!

Sue had participated in my Transform Through Writing program the previous year and began to rekindle her passion for writing. When I started coaching with Sue, she was in the grieving process having lost her husband a year earlier. She struggled with depression and low self-esteem. A widow with six adult children, Sue had spent most of her 55 years as a stay-at-home mom and was very anxious about living on her own without her husband. Sue lacked a sense of purpose and had lost her voice over the course of many years attending to the needs of others. I coached Sue for six months in the writing program, and watched as she developed trust and confidence with me and more importantly with herself. I gently challenged her to dig for the deeper truth inside and made it safe for her to share by putting it in her writing.

Sue joined my Soar to Success program and began to live again. This program is action-based… helping you get clear about your passion and dreams and take consistent action to make them a reality. With the weekly accountability and assignments, Sue grew more confident and less anxious about her future. She began living in the present moment by making commitments and keeping them each week. We identified the thoughts that weakened Sue’s self-esteem and replaced them with new positive affirmations which she began to believe. I coached Sue through a simple process to uncover her purpose, and she realized she was passionate about sharing her imagination with others. So, she began searching for more ways to express her purpose, and I helped her create strategies to carry them out.

Intention With Action Delivers Big Life-Changing Results

As a result, Sue quit the direct selling business that her husband had started to free up time for work that truly energized her. After contributing an inspiring story in my second anthology book, Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth, Sue signed on to write with me in the third book, The Call to Soar, this time as a very visible Featured Author. In three short months in the Soar program, Sue had written over 50,000 words toward her book of childhood memories. She has since entered two writing contests with major publications with big cash prizes. (I’m crossing my fingers for her win!) She created comfort bags for widows, turning her grief into a ministry. She now sells the bags on her website because she says, “Flowers fade but memories last forever.” She launched her blog, monetizing it through affiliate programs and book sales, and she began to promote herself and her writing. She took professional head shots, developed her author page on Amazon, and recently wrote an e-book identifying five ways to prevent suicide in the young Christian gay community. Through the coaching and vulnerability,  Sue found the courage to come out publicly as a Christian with a same-sex attraction. Now, Sue supports others who struggle with reconciling their sexual identity and their faith. Her transformation extends beyond her passion for writing. For the first time in her life, Sue made herself a priority — eating healthier, getting more exercise, and developing better sleeping habits.

Today, Sue is living an inspired life! She is happy and confident that she can make it on her own. Sue has found a way to express her passion and make a difference for others which brings great meaning to her life. She engages with more than 800 fans and followers online, encouraging anyone who is lonely or grieving. Sue continues to coach with me privately, and she is an active member in my One Degree Shift community — often taking the lead to support and encourage others.

If you want to take action to transform your life, find more joy and meaning, and manifest your deepest desires and dreams, then join my Soar to Success program launching again this month. We start by setting an intention and getting clear about what you want. After 10 weeks of personal coaching and accountability, you will be on your way to making your vision a reality.

If you wish to make big changes in your life, don’t wait… sign up today!