In my quiet time of meditation and prayer, I ponder the question, “What is love?” As I wait and listen for a still, small voice, I hear the answer: Love is four seasons. I take that to mean that love is perpetual. It is everlasting, always present, and all around us. At times I hear the words, you are love. That means, you are too. In essence, we are all love. So, that leads me to the question, What are you doing to nurture the LOVE called you? In order to be successful as we pursue our goals and dreams with determination and grit, while serving and making a difference for those around us, we must take time to care for ourselves. That’s LOVE.

My True Purpose™ Mentor Coach, Chris Taylor, encourages me to routinely take purposeful pauses. I like that! It’s her brand. She is The Pause Expert. Chris explains, “Purposeful pauses are activities or choices that relax, ground, or re-energize you, and without a sufficient amount of these pauses you will feel strained, tired, and may become resentful about the things you feel you have-to do.” You and I lead busy lives. We often push ourselves to our limits — running in crisis mode most of our days until we burn-out or outright crash. As servant-heart leaders, we tend to put the needs of others before our own and take very little time for ourselves. We say, “I’ll get to me as soon as I finish this.” Chris teaches the value of caring for your own well-being by creating focused time for you. That’s LOVE! It’s the only way we’re going to truly impact the world. So, let’s strengthen our wings and BE the difference now. This week, focus on LOVE. And, it starts with you first. Practice taking purposeful pauses to show yourself a little TLC.


  1. When was the last time you paused?
  2. Make a list of purposeful pause activities that are relaxing for you. Forcing yourself to do something because you know you should probably won’t feel like a pause. Here’s some options to get your juices flowing: exercising, taking a nap, doing nothing, creating art, taking a long soak in the tub, being in nature, reading, shopping, or connecting with family or friends.
  3. Schedule time for at least three pause activities this week. Which ones will you choose?
  4. Put structures in place to hold yourself accountable and monitor your commitment to your practices.

Are you actively engaged with a coach or a community? There is a community of support for you at One Degree Shift. And, I would love to support you beyond our weekly #MindShiftMonday check-ins.