I’m delighted to introduce Suzanne R. Duque as our featured member of One Degree Shift. Suzanne contributed an inspiring story in our latest book, The Call to Soar, released this month in paperback and Kindle book.

CASSANDRA: Suzanne, you’ve been an active member of One Degree Shift for a couple of years. You enthusiastically step up and take the lead to support others in our community, and I appreciate you for that. You’ve written in two of our bestselling books: Emerge in 2015 and The Call to Soar which we released this month. I’ve watched you dig deep, make discoveries about your motivation, your fears, and make shifts towards action that will bring you more of what makes you happy and feels purposeful. I’m excited to introduce you! Tell us a little more about you.

SUZANNE: I was raised in a small-town south of Houston, Texas called West Columbia, where I have lived my entire life. My parents, Mary Lee and Pickens Rasco, taught me the importance of hard work and the integrity of your word. Dad was a bulldozer operator and my Mom was a florist. They both had wonderful singing voices, so music has always been part of my life. Both could play by ear; they would hear a song and then play it. Mother at one time sang with a big band, and Dad, his sister, and cousin provided music for tent revivals. At our family reunions, we would always end up around the piano. God touches my heart through music. My husband, Johnny, and I have been married for 37 years. We are active in our church. We have 3 sons, 3 grand kids, 7 horses, 3 cats, 2 emus and 1 dog. It almost sounds like I should say a partridge in a pear tree after hearing myself say that! I love living on our country ranchette. After working with you in several programs, the two anthology books and the Discover Your Purpose program, I feel God is calling me to a ministry for those who have been hurting either from grief, abuse, or just being beat up by life. I am very excited about the future and what God has in store.

CASSANDRA: It sounds like your hands would be full with just attending to your ranchette, yet I know you have your hands in other work too. Tell us what you do professionally?

SUZANNE: I have worked in the accounting field in both the private and public sectors, and retired from the corporate world 2014 after 40 years. Now, I am consulting as a Controller with a small, startup company introducing a new patented technology. My husband and I are professional network marketers with Ambit Energy. We are Senior Consultants working our way to Executive rank. We lead a team of over 400 independent consultants and enjoy motivating them to change their lives like we have changed ours. Ambit Energy helps us save on our electricity, gas, and solar while allowing us to make money by introducing the service to others, but the personal development that I’ve been exposed to with the company has been the biggest change in my life. I’m also excited about writing my own book, and I hope to finish writing it by March 2017.

CASSANDRA: Wow! You certainly are busy with several things – sharing your expertise as a  chief accounting officer, leading a network marketing team, and writing your own book. Tell us more about your personal growth journey.

SUZANNE: We started our Ambit business in 2010, and being in an atmosphere of wonderful and positive people made me take a hard look at my own life. I wasn’t where I wanted to be. In fact, I realized just how miserable I was. Through Ambit, I met you and other powerful women speakers. Working with you in three programs now and being a part of One Degree Shift where I have on demand access to your coaching, I have adopted wonderful tools that have helped me to continue to grow and address any fears that come up. I discovered my purpose, my reason for being. I have shifted from being miserable and in utter hopelessness to having great anticipation and joy about the future. I also have a deeper relationship with God, my husband, and my family.

CASSANDRA: I have enjoyed watching you stretch yourself and grow more confident and more trusting of your divine guidance that is always with you. Where can people learn more about you, your upcoming book release, and your Ambit business opportunity?


SUZANNE: I’d love to connect with them! They can go to my author website at www.suzannerduque.com and connect with me on Facebook at @Suzanne.Duque

CASSANDRA: What motivates you Suzanne. You are writing books and creating a ministry to lead others out of their grief and despair in life. Why do you do it? Tell us your WHY.

SUZANNE: This is the exact question you asked me two years ago that brought me to where I am today. I didn’t know my why, so I would give these shallow, pat answers until I sat in your breakout session that day. I knew God was calling me to something more but I didn’t know what it was. In the Transform Through Writing program, I did a deep self-examination through the writing, and I moved through a lot of old baggage that I had been carrying for far too long. I went even deeper in the Discover Your Purpose program, and now I have a detailed purpose manifestation plan. I have lived a pretty sucky life, and now I want to live a fuller more purpose-filled life. My why is to make a difference in the lives of others who are stuck like I was. I help those who are broken to find their way into the light again.

CASSANDRA: That’s awesome. Your clarity and confidence is so much stronger now. One aspect of your purpose that you uncovered in the Discover Your Purpose coaching program is your message. It’s the wisdom you have been given to share with others. Tell us your life’s message.

SUZANNE: I didn’t think that I had much of a message to share before I started your personal development programs. I have been through some tough trials in my life, and now I can truly say I have made it to the other side. I was abused by my first husband which set the tone for the next 40 plus years of my life. My parents both died within 18 months of each other, and then my husband was nearly killed in an industrial accident. But those sorrows were a “piece of cake” compared to the death of our 16-year old son in a tragic car wreck. His death took the wind out of my sails and was devastating for my family. John’s death totally changed me. Everyone will grieve differently, and I became aware of that after the loss of our son. We all have our own journey, and we won’t all arrive at the same destination at the same time. It was very hard. However, I decided to go directly through the middle of the grief and to trust God through the process. I learned that God’s word and promises are true even when you can’t see or feel them. I’m here to encourage women that God is always with them, and they are stronger than they may think. Even after terrible tragedies, there is healing and a wonderful life waiting for you, if you choose. I’m here to lead them through the muck and mire to find an easier way. I want women to know that life is worth living again.

CASSANDRA: That’s an inspiring message Suzanne, and your life is truly an example of it. I’m so proud of the growth you’ve experienced over the last two years and the discoveries you’ve made about your journey and your purpose. You’ve found your voice and developed as a writer, and stepped into your role as a messenger. Help me share the value of your membership in One Degree Shift with others who are looking for a community and a coach to support their progress and dreams.

SUZANNE: I love working with you as my coach and having access to you when I get stuck. When I begin to question if I am on the right path, you ask me the right questions to make me find the answers and you encourage me when I am down. You help me bring out the best in me, and you are a great accountability partner. I think God put you in my life at just the right time for me to grow and become the best me. The One Degree Shift community saw me through the death of my brother and supported me in my writing. The monthly coaching calls give me insight, as well as bring me back to task because I can tend to chase rabbits so staying involved helps me to remain more focused.

CASSANDRA: Thank you Suzanne! You’re right! Accountability, validation, action, encouragement… we need all these to accomplish our highest purpose in this world. I’m so happy that you said “Yes” to trusting me as your coach and to staying engaged with our community. I can’t wait to see what we will do next!

Leave a comment below to let Suzanne know how her life’s message speaks to you. What is your biggest tragedy in life? How have you responded to it?

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