How to Position Yourself for Your Next Big Blessing – Part 2

In last week’s post, I shared the importance of connecting with divine guidance to live your life purposefully. To receive your next big blessing, the first thing to do is position yourself to hear the wisdom within you and be open to the answer coming in a different way. You may receive a vision, a word, an instruction, a dream, or a new perspective. In whatever way the answer comes, you will know how to move forward. Here are two more strategies to position yourself for success in life.

#2 Embrace and Get Comfortable with Uncertainty

The next step in opening up to receive your next big thing relates to the verse that was brought to my attention as I sat in my car that day: “A prophet is not welcome in his own town.” In this passage, Jesus did not to receive a warm welcome in his own hometown. The people of Nazareth were so familiar with Jesus’ family and upbringing that they did not believe his wisdom and authority. The text goes on to say that because of their unbelief Jesus did not do many mighty works there.

So it is with you as you position for a blessing, you must leave the place where you are most at home. You can’t expect to receive something different if you’re unwilling to step outside of yourself and look at things in a new way. By allowing yourself to be a little uncomfortable, you are positioned to achieve goals you never thought you could. So, be willing to take risks, to step into a place of uncertainty,  and to make changes in your life that lead you away from what’s familiar and down an unknown path toward the thing you want the most. It will take faith and courage and determination, and you will have to confront your fears too. Mighty works and big blessings are rarely obtained in your comfort zone.

#3 Get Ready to Evolve into the Best Version of You

As I sat there making sense of the first download, I began to hear the chorus of a popular Beyoncé song in my head: “Upgrade you, I can up, can I upgrade you? Partner, let me upgrade you.” As soon as I heard these lyrics, I knew the exact interpretation: You can’t stay the same and expect to achieve something different. To be properly positioned for your purpose, you must let God (Jesus, the Universe, Spirit, the Divine or whatever you call it) upgrade you. Why? Because you are not the version of yourself that you need to be to sustain or carry out such a big vision. You’ve got to let yourself evolve instead of sticking with old, familiar habits and routines, and go for the new and improved version of you!

Often the thing that holds you back from growing is the people you surround yourself with. They hold themselves back, so they can’t see anything more for you. They’re too afraid to imagine greater possibilities for themselves, so their fears magnify your own. They second-guess themselves, so of course they doubt you too. They don’t want to see you get ahead because they’re insecure and full of negativity. Listen. If you’re meant to be an eagle and you hang around with chickens, you will never soar. And, you will never be in a position to make real strides toward your big dreams.

The best way to improve is to surround yourself with people who will help you to stay motivated and on track and who will also challenge you to live up to your fullest potential. And, I know just the community to recommend. Check out One Degree Shift. We share a love of learning and exchange empowering support for each other’s dreams. Let us upgrade you! As a Community Influencer, you will get access to coaching from a certified dream coach and the support you need to accomplish the things you desire and discover your purpose in life.

What is your tolerance for uncertainty? Do you avoid it or embrace it? Who helps you stay motivated and challenges you to go after your dreams? Leave me a comment and let me know how these strategies can position you to accomplish the things you desire.

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  1. Kathi Palmer September 25, 2018 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    Today’s horoscope: Being pushed out of your comfort zone is meant to be uncomfortable. Nobody achieved anything great by grabbing what’s in easy reach.

    Today’s message in “Positive Thinking Every Day” by Norman Vincent Peale: Always depend on the calm knowledge that you can be master of anything that may happen to you.

    Then I read this. Why is all of this related in my mind? I had set a retirement date for myself back in April. I wasn’t comfortable doing it at that time. I’ve been plugging away since then trying to figure out when it’s right. Then I finally had an extremely successful month in August and realised I can do this. I decided that on August 30th I would go turn in my paperwork to retire. My boss had no idea. Then on August 29th, he announced some changes that were taking place and I convinced myself that I should stick around to see what happens. I called my boss into a meeting and told him what my plans had been up until that point. I told him I was required to give a 30 day notice, but I was planning on giving a 90 day notice for his planning purposes. I agreed to wait 60 days to give the notice to wait and see what would happen in the meantime. As this first 30 days has passed, that little voice in my head has been eating away at my prior confidence to the point that yesterday I was thinking of waiting an extra 30 days. This morning I decided I was going to do just that. Then I read my horoscope. Then I read my daily message. Then I read this. I feel like the universe is screaming at me. So I am listening, I am receiving, and I will take action. November 30th will be my date. Thank you.

    • Cassandra Washington September 29, 2018 at 10:19 pm - Reply

      Kathi, could the Universe speak any louder? Wow! Our fears, no matter how irrational, can block our progress. See if you can isolate your fears by making a list of all of them. What is the worst that can happen if you retire on November 30th to pursue your passion project? Then, create a list of conditions and commitments that keep the worst from happening. I’ll jump on FB Live in our One Degree Shift private group and coach you and others through this process next month. When you do this, you’ll be able to move forward with greater ease and peace of mind because you will have a plan to navigate your way. Thanks for your comment!

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