I am a Certified Dream Coach. I have been coaching people to achieve their dreams for 20 years now. No, not the sleeping kind of dreams. I’m talking about the heartfelt kind; the aspirations, desires, goals, and hopes that you most want for yourself. These are dreams you have while you are very much awake.

What are your dreams now? What matters most to you? Do you want to write a book, grow your part-time business, find a new career that you are passionate about? Do you want to make a bigger difference in the world by living your life purpose or leaving a legacy? Whatever is in your heart that you long for is your dream. What are you passionate about creating or accomplishing? Pretend you’re not limited by money, time or the people around you and genuinely connect to your heartfelt desires.

How to Make Achieving Your Dream Easy With This Proven Success Formula

The formula for making your dreams come true is simple.

  • First, get clear about what your dream is. Paint a vivid picture of what you want — a vision that excites you and compels you to move forward.
  • Second, remove any obstacles in your way, especially your limiting beliefs because fear and doubt are usually the biggest obstacles blocking us.
  • Third, design the simple steps to make it happen. Taking weekly action that moves you closer to what you want and following a blueprint for producing results will get you there sooner than you think.

You’re probably thinking it can’t be that easy. But, that’s only because you’re thinking of doing it all yourself. I want to encourage you to stop thinking of success as something you can achieve alone. It’s not! Your ability to ask for and allow help from others is exactly what makes accomplishing your dream more easy than you think.

If you join my Soar to Success group coaching program, I will be your personal development coach for the next 90 days. And, regardless of what your dream is, I will help you fine-tune your vision and get really clear about what your dreams are now. Then, I will teach you how to put successful strategies, practices, and habits in place to overcome the biggest obstacles between where you are now and what you want – including the obstacles called time and money. Finally, I will help you stay on track the entire time.

How to Lighten the Load on the Road to Successful Dreams

You lighten the load by sistering with others. Sistering is a carpentry term. When a builder needs to reinforce the structural support, she nails or fastens two 2×4’s together. She adds a sister stud to ensure a strong structure. That’s what we do in One Degree Shift; we strengthen each other’s back! One sister invests her time and shares her gifts with another sister to support her in keeping her commitment to play bigger in life, and she, in turn, does the the same.

In my group coaching, you become part of a small, supportive group — your own Dream Team — allowing for an intimate space to share, learn, and grow. The accountability motivates you to take action on your dreams, and you feel great about the direction you’re headed and the people traveling with you. And, my coaching and sistering moves you forward even faster.  Read my client’s story to get a picture of the success you can achieve by being a part of my Soar Circle. Why not get the support you need to achieve your dreams?

You Don’t Have to Go After Your Dreams Alone

As Glennon Doyle Melton says in the inspiring video below, “You can’t build a strong, beautiful, complicated structure, whether it’s a building or a life (or, in this case, your heartfelt dreams) without sistering.”

The greatest gift I can offer you is to empower you to realize their dreams. The greatest way to learn how to realize your own dreams is by helping others achieve theirs. We are here to support others.

Take a moment to watch this 2-minute video to see what sistering looks like and feels like.


“The Best Part of Life” by Glennon Doyle Melton from SALT Project on Vimeo.

Going after your dreams can be difficult on your own. Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one experiencing what you’re going through. You can feel a little disconnected. It’s important to have a sister, a community, people alongside you that have your back and give you the motivation to persevere.

One Degree Shift is a sistering community, a teaching and learning community where we connect and grow together. It’s a place where you are held accountable to living your values and dreams. And, it offers you an opportunity to practice, to take risks, and as a result go back in the world and make a bigger difference.

Why don’t you join us? You will have access to a Certified Dream Coach when you need it, and you’ll be connected to the most phenomenal women to sister with. Not only will you make your dream easier to accomplish, you will accelerate how quickly it becomes a reality.

So, as you can see, I’m a big promoter of people’s dreams!

What are your dreams? Do you want to grow your business, become healthier, spend more time with family, or write a book? Leave me a comment so I can hold your dreams with you. Plus, sharing your dream with others is a SHORTCUT to making your dreams real because when you give voice to them they begin to come alive!