I was browsing the Internet this weekend and ran across a motivating TEDx Talk. I’ve known for a long time that despite our many similarities, you and I are very unique, but I didn’t have the science to support it. Now I do!

Scientist have determined that the odds of you being born at the moment in time you were born, to the parents you were born to, with the DNA structure that you have is one in 400 billion. That means, the odds that you are alive on earth right now, born at this particular time, place, and circumstances are pretty amazing.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

And as Mel Robbins says in her TEDx Talk, you were not born to serve a corporation you don’t believe in just to have benefits so that later you can arrive safely at your own death.

You are absolutely unique, and you have a purpose! Find out what it is.

You Are Uniquely Prepared For Your Purpose

Life has designed you for a purpose. You have been tailor-made for it, and your life experiences have uniquely prepared you to carry it out. No one else can accomplish your purpose. This is something only you can do. You owe it to yourself, your family and to the world to live the highest expression of who you were meant to be and to leave the world better place that you were here.

I coached a woman in her late 30’s who was busy and driven, married with two young children, and who had spent eight years building a successful small business. She enjoyed her work, but her heart felt sad and was calling her to something more. She felt out of alignment with her true self. Although she realized that she could be doing so much more, she sacrificed her vision of fulfillment for the perceived safety of a job.

I led her first through my Discover Your Purpose program and continued coaching her over the years in my One Degree Shift community. As a result of coaching with me, she developed a deeper connection to her life’s purpose which enabled her to lead her business in a more empowered and effective way. Her newly gained confidence, clarity, and spiritual practices strengthened her leadership, which improved her team’s collaboration, optimism, buy-in, and commitment. This drove more business, sales, revenue, and earnings.

She has since been guided to sell her company to begin a new venture that is more aligned with her passions. She tells the story of her life transformation and healing journey in my three best-selling anthology books. She is currently in a master’s program studying the art and spirit of healing in order to lead others to the epitome of health that she has found. She is also currently writing a new book of her own. She reported that her life is more serendipitous and synchronistic today, which is an indication that you are making purposeful choices. That’s when opportunities seem to drop out of the sky, one after another, and accelerate you forward on your purpose path. She maintains immaculate health by following her intuition, which also guides the way she cares for her family’s health and how she parents too. She says,

Cassandra Washington has been a pivotal point in my life transformation. She has helped me dig through layers of resistance to ultimately find a truer purpose in life. Coaching allowed me to align my intention with what my heart and soul wanted, which has gave way to an abundance of joy, happiness, and clarity in my life. For anybody wanting to discover another depth of life and purpose, I highly recommend working with Cassandra and the Discover Your Purpose coaching method.

Don’t Say You Are Fine With Life When You Know You Are Not

Have you convinced yourself that you are fine not living your purpose? Are there areas in your life where you’ve given up?

Remind yourself today that you are 1 in 400,000,000,000. And, you are here to live out your full potential and the plan for your life.

After you watch this short TEDx Talk, leave a comment below to tell us:

  1. What shift did you make?
  2. What will you commit to start doing?

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