Heather D. Shover is a featured author in our latest anthology book, The Call to Soar. She is a fellow purpose-seeker and an amazing person to know when it comes to healing. I am happy to introduce her to One Degree Shift and everyone that visits our community blog.

Cassandra: Hi Heather! Share a little more about yourself.

Heather: First and foremost, I’m a wife and mother, and those are my two most important roles. Until recently, I was also a partner in a boutique commercial real estate firm in Dallas, Texas. However, this January, I resigned from my longstanding career to follow my passion and purpose. I am now 100 percent focused on teaching and inspiring healing to those suffering from chronic disease.

Cassandra: Wow! That’s exciting and I’m sure it scares you a little too. Tell us more about what you are passionate about doing as it relates to how to find a path to true healing.

Heather: There is a different way to heal, and I feel called to share this with those who are looking for answers to their chronic health conditions.  While Western Medicine or conventional medicine is wonderful and life-saving in so many ways, often times those with chronic health conditions lasting longer than three months get caught in the gerbil wheel of using pharmaceuticals to manage symptoms instead of actually addressing the root cause, so they never find true healing. I feel called to bring greater awareness to other healing modalities which treat the person and not the disease.

Cassandra: Treat the person not the disease? Say more about that, Heather.

Heather: Yes. The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, given the right support and environment. By looking at the whole person (mind, body, and spirit), you can bring a person back into a balanced state and that is where true healing begins.

Be a Torch Lighting the Way to True Healing

Cassandra: That is so true and so many people need to know this, especially as anxiety rises with the debate by politicians over healthcare. How are you getting this message out to others?

Heather: For the past year, I have been hosting small gatherings of women to discuss various healing modalities. These intimate events have grown by word of mouth, and people often come back and bring their friends who are struggling with a health concern. The gatherings offer a sacred space to learn and share some of the most personal health details that often remain unspoken and unsupported. The organic growth of these meetings encouraged me to leave my real estate career and focus my energy on reaching people who are struggling with chronic disease and looking for a different way to heal. I founded myHealthTorch LLC, which details my personal healing journey and contains several blogs and articles about health and wellness.

Cassandra: That’s so amazing Heather! I remember when I joined my life purpose workshop. You were passionate about sharing your healing journey with others. You spoke about it with excitement and eagerness. During this group coaching, you received more clarity about why you are here and what you are here to do. Plus you learned several practices which allow you to continue getting instruction about your life purpose. Where is that guidance taking you now?

Heather: I’m creating a three-month group detox program to bring people through a comprehensive detox and replenish their mind, body, and spirit to set the stage for healing to occur. I’m also designing three, five, and seven-day retreats to bring small groups of women through a transformational healing experience and equip them with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to continue their healing once they return home.

Cassandra: That sounds awesome! I’m so excited by what you are creating to help transform sickness and pain to true healing. Tell us a more about your healing journey and how that has also qualified you to lead others.

Heather: My personal healing journey began in February 2015 when I stopped using steroid creams to treat chronic eczema. I used these creams for over 25 years and was diagnosed by numerous dermatologists as having “worsening eczema.” They continually prescribed stronger and stronger creams over the years as the eczema continued to worsen and spread. I was so fortunate to have stumbled upon the concept of Topical Steroid Addiction and finally realized that this “worsening eczema” was actually an addiction to the topical steroids creams I was using to treat it. The only way to break the addiction and recover is to go through Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), which is a gruesome and painful process where the skin turns red and resembles third degree burns. The itch is unmanageable and many times people have to quit their jobs and spend months at home, utterly exhausted and in pain, until finally the withdrawals become less and less.

Share What You Learn on Your Path to Healing

Cassandra: Wow! That sounds like a healing crisis, or detox reaction, when you feel even worse than before you started? I’ve heard sometimes that is a normal part of the healing journey. How long did you experience the withdrawals?

Heather: Actually, stopping the cream is the first step in healing. However, a healing crisis typically last a couple of weeks to maybe a few months. TSW is a much more intense detox of the body and can last much longer. It takes an average of one to three years to go through the withdrawal process, and it was a very challenging and scary time for me. Doctors didn’t know what was happening and advised me to start using the steroid creams again. I was fortunate to find a Functional Medicine doctor after three months of withdrawals, and her whole-body approach accelerated my healing significantly. She also diagnosed me with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) at that time, and I finally had answers as to why I had been so thin for so many years. I wasn’t getting enough nutrition from my food and my gut flora was severely imbalanced.

Cassandra: It sounds like your healing journey opened your eyes to new possibilities and new realms of healing and medicine and the integration of both of these.

Heather: Yes, this personal healing journey opened my eyes to holistic healing modalities that most people have never heard about. I now combine Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation, and my healing and growth is nothing short of remarkable. The desire to spread this healing information to others eventually became so strong that I simply could not continue working in real estate any longer. The career that I used to love was no longer fulfilling to me, and the desire to speak about true healing became overwhelming. There’s no other way to describe it except to say it was a calling – and I had to answer it.

Cassandra: Yes. I understand that completely. My passion is helping others find their calling and creating the conditions that make it safe for them to pursue it. Just like you are doing, Heather. I’m sure people will be interested to learn more about what you are doing and the information you have gathered from your journey. How can they reach you? Where can they find you online?

Heather: You can find me and read about my personal healing journey at www.myHealthTorch.com. This website will evolve over the coming months to include the three-month detox program as well as upcoming retreats. I also plan to start podcasts later this year to bring healing information to as many people as possible. You can download my free eBook, What Your Doctor Never Told You About Healing, on my website too. This eBook describes the difference between Western Medicine and other holistic healing modalities. I can be reached at Heather@myHealthTorch.com, and I would love to connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at my online handle @myHealthTorch.

Join the Mission to Heal the World

Cassandra: Great! I love your eBook too. You finished it while we were writing The Call to Soar. It’s very informative. Thank you for letting others know where they can get the free download! I also want to mention that you got some media attention last year in your local Advocate Magazine with the launch of your new website and book. Great job! Heather, in every spotlight interview, I ask this question. I’m curious to know what author Simon Sinek refers to as your “why,” the driving force or motivation behind what you are doing.

Heather: The concept of HealthTorch is profound to me. Light your torch, walk with me, and find your true healing. Then… light the torch of another. Through our collective effort, we can spread true healing to more people and change the current trajectory of disease on our planet. Chronic disease is an epidemic, and we simply must get true healing information into the hands of the people.

Cassandra: And, Heather, why is that important?

Heather: Because when the power of true healing is in the hands of the people they become aligned in mind, body, and spirit. That will bring about a shift in society. A shift away from hate and war and bring people back together with love and compassion.

Cassandra: That’s the deeper reason and it points to your bigger mission. You’re here to heal the masses. We’re all here to bring healing in our own way by sharing our gifts with others in order to bring them back to who they really are, their true beauty, and to function as God designed. If I’m not mistaken, that sounds very similar to the purpose information you uncovered during my private coaching program. Thank you for sharing your deeper truth with us. I read recently that The Statue of Liberty’s torch lights the way to freedom and symbolizes “Liberty Enlightening the World.” I think you are like Lady Liberty, Heather. You are lighting the way and enlightening the world to true healing. Thank you for blessing us with your blessing. What other wisdom do you have to share with us today.

Heather: Thank you. By being so open with my own personal healing journey, I have had the privilege of hearing the health stories of so many friends, family, and even strangers. Many people keep these intimate health details under lock and key because they feel ashamed or embarrassed about being “sick.” I love knowing that people feel comfortable enough with me to draw back the curtain and let me in. I feel so complete and content when I watch someone begin to embrace healthy changes to bring their bodies back into balance, and I know that they are embarking on their own healing journey.

Together We Can Make the Way Bright For Others

Cassandra: Your vulnerability and openness is truly an inspiration to others. You make it safe for others to speak up and ask the questions to uncover their own path to healing. You have been a part of my community almost a year now, and very engaged with us during our monthly gatherings and in our private online forum on Facebook. You contributed to our best-selling book series. And, of course, you connected to your divine purpose in life purpose workshop. I want to grow our One Degree Shift community so we can connect others to their true purpose and fullest potential, and lead them to alignment and healing. Tell those reading this feature article what your biggest value has been, and what they can expect from joining us.

Heather: Being part of the One Degree Shift helps me feel like part of a larger movement. When the desire to spread healing information to others became so strong, I felt encouraged and supported within this community of change agents. This is a group of people who are also called to serve, and there is a mutual understanding of why we do what we do. Often times, others have a hard time understanding it!

Cassandra: You’re right, Heather. It is incredibly encouraging and supportive to be connected to people who get it. Purpose-seekers who want to fulfill their highest calling and make a difference in the world. Thank you for answering the call and joining us. You are an inspiration to me, and I am sure many will be healed by your work.

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