When I was younger, Christmas was about “getting” — a new bike, a pair of skates, a Barbie, a new puppy. Today is much different, I’m different, the holidays are much more about giving and serving. I suspect you’re a lot like me too, but the family gatherings, the parties, gift giving, and holiday celebrations may leave you feeling a bit depleted. That’s why it’s important to have routine practices that allow you to replenish, refuel, and fill your cup.

I like the way Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker and my coach and mentor, teaches this concept. Lisa teaches you to serve (to give) from your saucer. Imagine a cup sitting on a saucer. Lisa explains that most of us serve from the cup, which is often only half-filled. She tells us instead to serve from the saucer. Which means, you must fill yourself up until you overflow onto the saucer and then serve from it, not the cup. The cup is for you. I love this illustration. Let’s begin the year filling our cup with self-empathy so we can serve from our overflow. Turn your focus inward, listen to your heart, focus on your needs. How can you express more kindness for yourself?

“Self-empathy is not selfishness.” — Darcie Beyer


  1. What can you do today to fill your cup?
  2. How are you taking care of yourself?
  3. How can you practice greater self-empathy?
  4. Here is a mantra from Lisa Nichols: “I choose to give myself what I need. I serve only from my saucer and not my cup. That belongs to me.”

Welcome to 2015! As we kick off a new year, shift your focus toward empathy for yourself. Self-empathy is kindness!

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Contributing Author Darcie Beyer, CEO of Beyer Imaging, has a passion for business and a spirit that can lighten the room. Her care for well-being plays a role in her professional life and also with just about any person she meets. Darcie shares the grace and blessing of her healing journey, “I have learned to practice greater empathy for others and myself. Self-empathy is not selfishness. Empathy for myself has changed my life. I’ve been blessed with being heard, valued, and acknowledged by the doctors who treated me, by my family, but most importantly by myself. My mission is to let [people] know that listening and being empathetic to their mind, body, and spirit can lead them to the epitome of health.” — Darcie Beyer, The Empathy Connection

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