Fear is an emotion that has the ability to stop us in our tracks or cause us to run away from the thing we most desire. I’ve heard it said many times, but I’m not sure who said it first that fear, F-E-A-R, stands for “false evidence appearing real.” I’ve also heard it said this way, fear means “forget everything and run.” However, the fear we’re running from is not real. Fear is 100 percent imaginary.

I have a friend that when she is feeling anxious about something, she will tell me that she is scaring herself again. When I heard her say this the first time, I laughed and thought, “Why would she spook herself out like that?” Now I realize what she was saying is true because feeling anxious about something that hasn’t happened yet, but you IMAGINE it may happen although it doesn’t exist right now, is scary! Your mind or imagination can create all kinds of spooky, fictitious scenarios that are not real. Many times I’ve been so consumed by the thought of what might happen next, that I don’t move at all. Can you relate? I read a quote by Gandhi that was for me profound, “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.”

One way to overcome your fears is to realize the FEAR IS NOT REAL. Your imagination is scaring you, BOO! (smile) I read that we use fear as a tool to protect ourselves, yet what we’re protecting ourselves from is something that does not exist. It’s made up in our minds. You can reason to yourself, “I better not do that (whatever it is you really want to happen) because this might happen. (Note that it hasn’t happened, but your mind imagines that maybe it could.) As a result, you shrink in fear, limit your potential, and lose the vitality of life.

This week, practice facing your fear and seeing it for what it really is — false evidence appearing real. Stay in the present moment rather than fearing what may happen tomorrow. The more you stay in what is real today, the less you will fear.


  1. If you notice yourself feeling anxious or fearful this week, ask yourself, “Is this real or is this fear about something that does not exist?”
  2. Redirect your attention to your present reality, breathe deeply, imagine the positive outcome you desire, and take some small action in the direction towards the vision you want to create.
  3. Don’t ignore your fear because it will only intensify. Instead, dig deeper. Turn to your fear (rather than run away from it), feel it, hear from it, and embrace its role in your life. Get curious and learn as much as you can about the source of your fear. Why does it hold so much power? What concerns does it have? What can you learn from it?

Last week many were wearing scary costumes, trick-or-treating, and visiting haunted houses. So in keeping with the Halloween theme, let’s focus on overcoming our FEAR. Join me at One Degree Shift Facebook Page.