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You Are Meant to Make a Difference!

Let me reassure you: The voice deep in your heart calling you to reach more people and have a greater impact is the voice you should follow.

How do I know?

Because we are all meant to live meaningful lives and contribute to others, and that voice will lead you on your path to purpose. Plus, I have followed my own calling so I know that voice very well.

My coaching clients feel it 

Many are busy, driven, successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, juggling the priorities of work and family. Some have put their dreams on hold to live other people’s expectations and nearly lost themselves in the process. They feel that inner nudge to share their life’s journey to inspire and empower others.


Their mind is trying to convince them to play it safe and stick with the status quo. However, their heart is calling them to something more.

Maybe you feel it too… 

  • You know you could be doing so much more but instead you feel you’re throwing it away for the perceived safety of a job.
  • You feel pressured to follow the path others expect of you and question whether you can make time to follow your dreams.
  • Maybe you have lost hope in your future so you just go through the motions of life. Or, you lack confidence and have stopped believing in your talents and self-worth.

So, what’s the problem?

Being and doing what others expect of you is like wearing a smiling mask, and it leads to more confusion about the rest of your life.

I am here to let you know that there is more to life. And, if you would like to explore it, I am happy to be your guide.

Actually, this is what lights me up!

I’m Cassandra Washington and it’s my passion to guide emerging leaders, messengers, and healers to make tiny shifts to live happier, more confident, and meaningful lives.

I’ve spent 20 years as a corporate trainer and personal development coach serving clients all over the world.

One of my greatest joys is helping my clients redirect their lives to create work that is deeply fulfilling for them and highly impactful for those they serve.

I do this by teaching them how to weave through their limiting beliefs to discover and fulfill their highest calling. Then they can experience a deeper connection with their intuition and gain greater clarity to lead their lives in more empowered ways, excited about their future, and making a difference in the world around them.

What My Clients Say…

In three short months, I went from a state of confusion to one of clarity and confidence. I can now clearly see so much about the rest of my life, and it’s inspiring, it’s confidence-building, and it’s beautiful! I have felt Cassandra’s support throughout the entire process. Even when I didn’t know that I needed something, Cassandra read me like a book and made the right suggestions at the right times. She has a gift and we are all blessed that she is sharing it with the world.

Heather D. Shover,

Cassandra has been a pivotal point in my life transformation. She has helped me dig through layers of resistance to ultimately finding a truer purpose in life. She exceeded my expectations as a mentor and coach, graciously giving me more than what I have paid for. Her patience and diligence through the process has allowed me to explore another realm of well-being of mind, body and spirit. For anybody wanting to discover another depth of purpose, I highly recommend Cassandra.

Meeting Cassandra was pure fate. She has helped me to discover, embrace, and act on the necessary inner connections I need to begin the journey of living a purposeful life. Cassandra has helped me to understand the process of living my truth and how to navigate through it so that I can live the life intended for me — a life where courage, faith and love leads to pure joy. Her innate blessing has led me to discover things about myself that I know I could not have achieved alone.

Lourdes Brown

So, what’s the solution?

My clients tell me that it is my grounded, non-threatening, instinctive approach that creates a safe place for them to do the inner development which is key to uncovering their life’s purpose. My clear listening allows my clients to feel truly heard, and as I freely share my own transformation it leads them to make profound shifts of their own.

Cassandra works with clients privately and in small group programs.

LEARN MORE about how you can work with Cassandra to uncover the difference you are meant to make.

You can also connect with Cassandra in One Degree Shift, a learning and teaching community for influencers to connect with other like-minded difference makers for support, encouragement, and accountability. All of us need a community to make a difference!

Here’s my Official Bio!

Cassandra Washington is a seasoned coach, gifted communicator and trainer, Licensed True Purpose® Coach, Certified Dream Coach®, and owner and founder of Exceed Resources, a professional development company with a list of satisfied clients that extends across North America and internationally in Germany, South Korea, Japan, Great Britain, and the British Virgin Islands.

Cassandra delivers engaging sessions that address many of the challenges impacting today’s businesses. Her 20+ year career as a business trainer, coach, and public speaker makes each presentation memorable, effective, and highly sought-after.

In all of her engagements, transformation is the goal – individually, collectively, and organizationally. Don’t expect “me too,” off–the-shelf workshops and seminars. She won’t go there, because you won’t grow from it.

With her inquisitive nature and playful personality, Cassandra connects with her audiences immediately, builds relationships based on trust and respect, and delivers training that people can apply right away. Cassandra has spent years advising, informing, and inspiring audiences.

After spending the early part of her career designing and delivering business and job skills training for electric utility and telecommunications companies, she has been the go-to trainer for companies that want their people to improve communication and leadership skills, value and respect differences, and achieve greater results. As a contract trainer for one of the top seminar companies in the United States, Cassandra honed her skills to motivate audiences to take action toward their goals.

Cassandra coaches both individuals and teams on how to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals. She is the author of a top-selling business skills book, “How to Manage Unacceptable Employee Behavior,” and she is quoted in leadership expert John Maxwell’s book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” Along with her One Degree Shift community, Cassandra wrote and published an Amazon best-selling motivational anthology series called “Strengthen Your Wings.” Cassandra is a graduate of The Ohio State University.


Interested in training your team at work?

LEARN MORE about how to book Cassandra for your next workplace learning engagement.

And a few fun facts…

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. It’s funny how I sang the state song and never realized how flat the plains were until I moved away to complete my bachelor’s degree in Ohio. Now I live in Dallas Texas. I’ve been fortunate to travel to almost every state in the US, and I’ve enjoyed some international travel too, but my favorite spot (and my favorite season all year long) is the beach.

When I’m not coaching, training, or traveling, I enjoy lazy weekends at home watching marathon makeover TV shows or spending time with valued friends and family. My guilty pleasure is flaming hot Cheetos.

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