If you follow my Facebook posts at all, you know that I’m a big promoter of people’s dreams and purpose. My life’s work is a commitment to helping others create a purpose-filled life. I believe in you and the difference you make, and I’m deeply committed to supporting your success. That desire and commitment is what inspires my posts and led me to launch the One Degree Shift Community. It’s also the reason I coach clients privately, lead workshops, and speak publicly.

The world needs more people like you to step out, step up, pursue your dreams and live out your purpose. So, here’s  three ways to get started or to ramp it up a notch.

  1. Share your dream. Sharing your dream with others and asking for help is a SHORTCUT to making your dreams real. If you don’t share your dreams, they remain a secret, and an unspoken dream is forgotten. When you give voice to your dreams, they begin to come alive.
  2. Take action in community. Some of us are better at dreaming it than taking action on it. That’s why having a community who believes in your dream and is willing to support you will truly make the difference. Let’s be honest, it’s awesome to play on a winning team — a team committed to making your dream real. Be part of a community that you can count on, that rallies behind you, that you can lead and support, that makes it safe for you to take risks. When you implement in isolation you get stuck, but in community you connect to expanded resources and support and experience greater productivity and ease.
  3. Face your fears. The resistance you feel as you pursue your dreams is usually tied to fear. People often run away from their fears, but those that are successful turn to the fear and ask, “What is your concern?” Make a list of your fears. Then look at each fear one by one and keep asking yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if this were to happen?” Once you get to the bottom of your fear, you can usually find some way around it instead of allowing it to stop you.

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